Finally I Get A Step Mom At The Age 26.

My mom and my dad split when I was two. My dad has always been in the picture and my mom and him were good friends. My dad was more strict but although mom was my best friend I was always a dad's girl. i am my father only child and he has never married.

I recently met my future step mom in may. I invited her to my college graduation. I was excited, I was hoping that she had kids because I always wanted a sister. Sadly she has no kids but she is very enthused about having a step daughter along with two grand daughters to spoil. We call each other often and I'm fortunate to have her, I'm happy she has accepted me because I am a young mother and she is so supportive of the decisions I have made in live.

The wedding is Nov 8th and my daughter will both be the flower girl because grandma wants to be fair. I love my step mom and so do my children.
reneemk reneemk
26-30, F
Oct 27, 2012