The Only Mother I Know!

my dad left when i was 3. he and my step mother moved across the country. me, my older brother and two sisters were left with my biological mum and step dad.
life living with lorraine (bio mum) and dave (step dad) was not easy. we were always filthy never fed and always left. lorraine would dissapear for months at a time with some new man, leaving us with dave whos mood would switch in seconds. i remember my brother would sneak downstairs to steal bread for us to eat and he would tidy us up the best he could before school. 4 years later my auntie came to tell us my dad wanted us to live with him. i wasnt happy, all i knew was what lorraine had told us, he left to be with a mean woman to look after her kids because he didnt want us. as we didnt know our dad we were sent to vist him before the trial so we can meet him. i loved my dad from the moment i saw him. my step mom however i hated. it was all her fault after all.....
a couple weeks after meeting my dad it was the day of the trial. lorraine didnt even turn up so my dad won. we were picked up from school and were driven the 300 odd miles to our new home. as there were 4 of us and they had 4 there were then 8 children living in a 3 bed home.
im very sad to say i was not a very nice girl to my new step mom. my brother and sisters called her mom staight away whereas i refused to even aknowledge her living with us. lorraine visited 2 or 3 times and we never saw her again.
it wasnt until a year after moving i started to warm to her. i suddenly seemed to realise that the way lorraine treated us was not that of a loving mother. when i first called my step mom, mum she welled up with tears.
from then on we were inseperable. everyone used to say we looked like each other.
she has been amazing to me. she was there for me through everthing and still is, she was my birthing partner for all my children and was the one holding my hand when i had to give birth to my stillborn son.
she is my mum, she may not have given birth to me but she has and always will be my mum.
love you mum xx
mummyjess mummyjess
26-30, F
Apr 12, 2013