I Love My Step Mom

I love my Step Mom. I haven't had much of a mother for most of my life. I recently went to live with my dad who was out of my life for about 10 years. I got to know him again and came to love my step mother we are very close now. I am really glad I can count on her for support and everything. I Love my Step Mom.

MistressDawn MistressDawn
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2 Responses Sep 12, 2008

That's awesome. Good to hear because Stepmoms usually get a hard time from everyone

I know how you feel. My real mother hasn't been there for me most of my life. <br />
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I jst recently asked for forgiveness from my stepmom. I made wrong judgements and I always regretted them. Been regretting for years but never had the guts to go to her and apologize. Finally i jst went apologized, cried my pains and confusions only a mother could heal, and she helped me. I found out too that she was such a strong woman with a big big loving heart. <br />
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I Too Love My Step Mom.