I Love Her, She Loves Me

My Dad had an affair with my stepmum when I was 10. I knew her (lets call her Marie) before this as she and dad worked together. I was obviously upset when dad left but I have gotten over that. My father fought my biological mother in court for custody of me and my 4 younger brothers, he and my stepmum now have us for 2 nights every fortnight. It isn't enough, I love Dad and Marie SO much. Marie has helped me through really tough times in my life already and I really want to move in with her and Dad. They are perfect for each other and i am so happy for them both.

We have already shared so much together,and i hope we can continue to share a lot more as the years go by
rubytarrant1309 rubytarrant1309
31-35, F
May 29, 2013