I have two amazing stepchildren.

The oldest is in his third year of college with plans on attending medical school. He received a full academic scholarship, as well as a sports scholarship. He declined the sports in order to focus more on his studies. I was worried when he first went away but he has done nothing to earn that concern, even after becoming a member of a fraternity. At times, I see more of myself in this young man than I do my biological son.



The youngest is an accomplished football and basketball player. He has curiosity and uses that to his advantage. Mischievous but well intentioned... also a lot like myself. Minus the sports skills.



They are both good boys and they make their father and I proud. As they do their own mother and step-father.

I realize that not all blended families get along so well and it is for that reason I am most grateful for my family.

All children are blessings regardless of who their parents are. I truly believe that they are a product of their upbringing. I think my step-son's mother has did a wonderful job with them. I give her all the credit she is due and deserves for that.
She and I have our differences but on this particular subject, we agree
PrecariousMe PrecariousMe
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Nov 10, 2011