I Am In Love With My 14 Yo Step Daughter, Help

Hye people,
I’d like to hear especially from step daughters who may have an in-sight into this, I want to be able to see things from your side of view. I am also doing this as I have absolutely nobody to talk to about this so I need to let it out. My step daughter is so hot. And I think she knows that she turns me on, especially when she really dresses up. But she has absolutely no attraction to me. I think she just gets a kick when she knows I am turned on by her. Anyway, I love my wife, but can’t help feeling more and more attracted to my SD (step daughter). I really care about her as well I totally want to protect her and would never do anything to harm her. I am so attracted to her that I am hardly attracted to any other girl, it is only she who turns me on, not even my wife. When I **********, I only really want to fantasize about her. I know there is no quick solution. But letting it off my chest helps I think. And perhaps knowing what it is like to be on the other end, the Step Daughter’s, I don’t know, may help me understand things better, and be better advised about what to do about it. I have a younger son and my own daughter as well, from my current wife, and I love them very much. And no I have absolutely no such feeling for my own daughter. Please give me your helpful criticisms, suggestions, and don’t throw insults please as it just would not help. I am trying to change the situation, somehow.
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Ok ,so I was kinda attracted to my stepdad, but that was when is was 10. I am now 20 and I think of him as a very nice, handsome man my mother married. Yes, I was angry at him for no reason when I met him, and looking back i see it as a HUGE mistake. If she ever kinda looks at you and you notice, it kinda looks at your pants(weird) that means she might have a little crush on you. But, do not try anything,as even though she has a small crush on you, she will think of it as sexual abuse to a minor and call the cops . If she shows any sign of affection, like saying I love you at night to you, do not freak because she may not mean it in the way you think. If she says anything to you about having a crush, don't jump on and say I'm in love with you and kiss her, as she will tell her mom.....
I don't know what. Else to say

Me too she is 13

One more thing, if a daughter is already being highly sexual to a father figure. She may have already been innapropriately touched by an older man. I love my dad. However, I like to call him for advice or a pat on the back or a coach. Ive never acted in a sexual manner towards my father. If a girl or young lady is doing that there needs to be counseling. They should be worried about there facebook friends, selfies, homework, and what there wearing to the dance. ITS NOT NORMAL FOR A PERSONS DAUGHTER TO BE MAKING SEXUAL MOVES ON THERE FATHER. Period.

I'm a stepdaughter and it's normal to be physically attracted. You just can't do anything. Us girls do those things just for attention. It doesn't mean we want more than that.

The same thing has happened to me. I feel like crying right now. I feel so guilty being attracted and I am constantly trying to fight it. I love my wife and I feel so sorry for her right now. I don't know what to do :(.

As a grown man, and a stepfather I completely understand your attraction to your stepdaughter. I too have feeling for mine. (She's 37) I find myself checking her out, when she's walking by, when she's bending over, when she comes to our house. I think she's so F**kn hot. I'm always fantasizing about her specially when I'm making love to her mom. I sneaked in to her panties drawer a couple of times just to get a better picture of what she wears underneath her clothes and I loved what I found in there. I'm completely aware of the consequences of me even trying to take it any further or even telling her of my feelings towards her, that is why I prefer to keep them to myself..

In all honesty this is very common amungst non blood related people that are brought together. But what troubles me is the youbg girls age. You are in your 40s and she is simply 14. I suggest that you should keep your feelings and thoughts to yourself until she reaches an adult and legal age. You are gambling your marriage with your stepdaughter and understand that if she did develop feelings for you she can also loose them (because of her adolescents). You dont want to risk your freedom and end up in jail if she where to say anything or your wofe finds out and you need to think real hard about this, maybe even divorce?

My dad is single and we have a secret relationship. I think it's more common then people think but this society finds it disgusting. Yet if he wasn't my father it would be okay. (I'm 17 btw) but honestly don't be ashamed or anything.

I havnt done anything with her but I do feel ashamed for finding her attractive... Shes 17 almost 18 not that I would do anything to much at risk but I have smelt her undies but that's as far as I've gone...I'm frustrated bad around her she works me up just by how she carries herself... I need help or to talk to someone more private that also understands me

I know how you feel, I feel the same way about my step daughter, she's so pretty but very young looking,she's 16 and has a body of a 12 yr old, I fantasize about her all the time, when I'm having sex with my wife I pretend its my daughter, when I ********** I think of her, if I could I would marry Ciara my beautiful girl!!

I am a step daughter and I am 18 and I seduce my step dad all the time when my mom isn't around and I wish he would make a move and turn me on because I would love to have sex with him. I think you should try because it's a girls biggest fantasy.

So your saying its a girls fantasy too, wow, I wish I could make a move on her but what if it blows up in my face.

It WILL blow up in your face. Age 16, 20, 22, 30....no matter how old she is it will blow up in your face. You have children who are her half sibling. You are married to her mother.
If you pursue this idea it all, it will ruin your life. It will tear about your family. Even if no one ever finds out about it, both of you will know. There will always be that unspoken truth between you....at Christmas....at family dinners. She will regret it eventually...because you can't be with her. Someday she is going to going to be with someone thats appropriate for her, and then she is going to bring them home to her family. Thats you. Think about how weird and crazy it would be.

She may know she "turns you on" but thats just a young girl experimenting with her new found sexuality in an inappropriate way. Girls that age often rely on their bodies/sexuality as a source of self esteem...and to a certain degree playing around with sexuality is normal, but you are an adult. You have an ethical responsibility as the older/wiser person in this situation.

i here you i also have a steo daughter she is 13 though and im attracted to her. She knows that im attracted to her because she does the same thing. When her mom is at work she dresses sexy and some times a little to revealing. she also asks me if i like how here boobs look all the time and how she looks in diffrent pants and skirts. she is suducing me and she knows it. but when here mom is home she acts like im not there. She also likes to cuddle with me watching tv and when i go to bed when her mom isnt here. shes driving me nuts and dont know what to do about it.

Tell her mother about it. The next time she asks you how her boobs look tell her it's inappropriate. You are a grown man, and although she may have the body of a woman she has the mind of a child.
Young girls, especially girls that may not have grown up with a strong father figure, often rely on their sexuality as a means of getting attention/controlling men. At such a young age this is all very new to her. As an adult you need to see this is a warning sign that she is maladjusted, and try to seek help from people that will better understand whats going on.