My Dear Step Daughter.

My partner also had a little girl when we got together, she was 7 back then, and she was adorable, we played together, and I loved to buy her things, she really was special.

When our girls were born,my partner and I had not yet married, and her daughter was 9, and that after noon when we were in the ward with mum, she went up to her mum and whispered something, and mum whispered something back to her, she came up to me, and she looked straight at me, I squatted down to her level, and mum said go on sweetheart, ask him, and she did, she said, "will you be my dad too”, I teared up straight away and hugged her tight and told her that I would love to be her dad as well.

I cannot explain how it felt to have her ask me, but it was a moment full of love, and all these years later I still remember that moment.

My partner and I broke up about 18 months later, and I have only seen her a couple of times in the years since, she is 21 now, and I miss her, and I still love her as my daughter.
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3 Responses Aug 11, 2012

I wish my stepfather was as nice as you...

aah i am sure she misses u 2 why dont u talk 2 her as she is probably living as an individual now

That is sooo incredibly sweet. So very touching to read that. Thank you for sharing me hope! =)

You're feelings give us single gals with kids much hope. Thank you.
Hope you find her one day to tell her. Would probably mean the world to her.