Somewhere Along The Road I Fell In Love

I'm not good at delivering stories. This one was a story that changed my life and will always stays with me as long as i'm breathing. I was but a 12 year old girl, not knowing about the different sides of life. Just enjoying playing, drawing and all things girls my age do. I used to be a really shy girl, but when he came along, I became courageous, brave and had a whole view about life.Back then he was my 29 year old English teacher, I'd mumble when I talk to him, even " Hi ".
I didn't know what the future had for me.
Didn't know what fate would do.
By the end of eighth grade, I sumed up my courage and went and told him that i love him
He told me no we're just friends and he left
I sent him a note online telling him that I only meant it as friends and that I'm sorry
I didn't know why I apologized, I wasn't supposed to apologize about my feelings but I didn't want to lose him
I decided that I'll move on, and when I made that decision, I saw him everywhere from malls to dreams
He didn't stpo talking to me or act differently.
He still smiles and I talk to him from time to time and everything and I still love him
Now I'm 16, he's still in school but not my teacher.
From falling in love, I discovered the courage inside me, that everything's possible and the different aspects of life.

We're all humans and it's human nature to fall in love, then why is it " forbidden " ?
Laws are put by humans, why can't we create our own and live by our laws?

"Being deeply loved by someone gives you strength
while loving someone deeply gives you courage" - Lao-Tsu
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i was 12 last year and i also fell in love with my 29 year teacher..... even tho i see him every day its not enough

That was a beautiful story :) Good luck in everything that you do after this.