A Smile I'll Never Forget

He was breathtaking from the very start. The moment I stepped into the classroom I saw him. His thick locks of chocolate brown hair shined and his kind, warm brown eyes sparkled as he welcomed us into a new school year. He flashed that million-dollar genuine smile that scrunched his eyes as he gestured us into the classroom. I kept my eyes on him throughout the whole period, examining his muscle-y stature behind his dress shirt and slacks. I laughed at all his jokes and smiled when he smiled. The physical attraction was undeniable. And I knew this was wrong.

He taught philosophy and English. He opened new windows and expanded my mind with ideas that I have never heard of before.  He introduced real-life paradoxes for the basis of philosophy.
"If a tree falls in the forest and no one is there to hear it, then did the noise exist?" he asked our class one day. He smiled as we murmured amongst ourselves. His intellect blew my mind like no one else ever had before.

My friends enjoyed his class as I did, but only for a while. As months flew by, they grew tired of the countless essays he assigned and the books he made us read. However, I continued looked forward to his class every day. I listened attentively to every lecture he had. I longed to see his lips form into that iconic million-dollar smile every time he knew he baffled our minds.

"Doubt that the sun doth move, doubt truth to be a liar, but never doubt I love.” He looked up from his Hamlet book and to the class. Most were half-asleep and others already asleep. I sat there, with my head resting on my hand with my eyes solely concentrating on him. He spoke this line with such sincerity, such gentleness, and such compassion. Such a simple quote, yet still so beautiful.

One day after class I approached him to his surprise. Normally a shy, reserved girl, I gathered the confidence to be able to talk to him. I found an excuse to talk to him and asked him more about the previous class’s lesson on what he thought was “the good life” and how to achieve it. He smiled the iconic smile and took a breath of air. My heart raised and I held my breath, realizing that I was only a foot away from his body. He spoke, but at that moment, I could hear nothing. I focused on only how gestured his hands and the way he never broke eye contact with me. I examined his lips moving up and down as he talked and his white teeth that hid beneath them. However, this moment all came to an end when another teacher came in and called to join him for lunch.

He would sometimes ask me in class and strike up conversations while the rest of us were doing busy work. I knew he liked me, but probably nowhere near the intensity of how much I liked him. I began finding more excuses to talk to him. I continually kept him after class as he gave me advice on college decisions and entertained me with his own college stories. He told me to “keep him posted” on my decision. I did and continued to find him after class and sometimes would purposely skip certain classes to discuss philosophy or exchange funny stories just to see that smile.

I wish I could say that something more happened throughout the year but it didn’t. After all, he was married with two kids and 25 years my senior. And despite the reality, I still longed for him.

But before I knew it, the year was over and I was putting on my cap and gown for graduation. As I was walking down the aisle during the graduation ceremony, I heard a familiar voice speak my name. I looked for him and saw him straight ahead as he made eye contact with me. He flashed the iconic million-dollar smile one last time and I smiled back. I shook his hand looking up into his sparkling brown eyes and he suddenly placed his arms around me into an embrace. I hugged him back and despite his unforgettable smile, I couldn’t help but frown, knowing that this was goodbye.

He was my favorite teacher.

And I loved him.
RubyShanz RubyShanz
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3 Responses Jul 27, 2011

I can't believe the similarities that you had with your teacher just like I have with mine. The eyes, smile, just absolutely everything you said stunned me because that's the exact thing that's taking place and that is how I feel. Thank you for sharing your amazing story and please update !

amazing restraint. i wish i had that self control. props to ya.

i'll never forget my teachers smile either i loved him to pieces and i still do nobody can ever come close to what he means to me even now! he was fantastic and touched my heart and will for the rest of my life be imprinted in my heart