Right not gonna lie, I'm very drunk atm. Sorry for spelling mistakes...

Gonna let out all my feelings- probs delete them all when I find this in the morning.

I hate A for leaving me, but I'm in love wwith him too.
I miss him too much.
Yes I slept with him, when iw was 15 woooow. Not really I don't care what anyone thinks, he loved me$
Oh and I'm preying no one I know reads this.

Then I'm in ****!

Hmmm what else do I want to say? Oh I know its been a year since you've been gona but I hate it when otheerr guys flirt with me. Its just like no, go away. Look what the **** you did!!!!! Ergh I wanna be a normal teenage girl, I wanna enjoy parties and getting with guys MY OWN AGE. But no I can't.

Life is fu**ing **** I just wanna hang myself.

deleted deleted
Oct 29, 2011