The Many Dreams About Mr.s!

Ok, So I have had SO many dreams about Mr.S that I really think its bout time I spilled the beans about them! Each dream is quite short in my diary so thats why they are little here. sorry bout that.

1. I ran in to the school when it was on fire and he was on the floor in his office and I got him out his office and the glass window smashed and hit us. I had a chunk in my side. I woke Mr. S up by giving him a kiss (So sleeping beauty haha) and then got him out. I fainted inside and the fireman got me out, Mr.S was SO thankful ! 

2. I went to a night club and was dancing and I started to dance with him. I then went over to a table and we started to kiss. (Must blame "waterloo road" for this dream since I was watching that around the same time!)

3. I went to his for a weekend and told my parents I was actually going to see a friend for the weekends. 
4. (Very similar to number 3) I told my parents I was going to stay with a dear friend and instead went away for the weekend with Mr.S. We went to the beach and went for meals together! 

5. Went to school and went to see him and he took a double glance and was like acting all odd and flirty and we had our meeting and as normal we shut his office door and he kissed me. 

6. me and my friend was arguing outside Mr. S's office and he seen us and came out then my friend was yelling at me saying "Its all about him, cant believe you would leave me for him! your such a selfish B*tch" then she yelled at me and Mr.S.  I said "why dont you just say that a bit louder" and she slapped me. Mr. S was all like "Oii! Stop it!" I just stood there upset and my friend tripped me over and then at the end of the day my friend and her other friends beat me up and I went to see Mr.S. I had a black eye and a cut down my face. Mr. S was so angry with the people who had hurt me. I asked for a Hug and he gave me one but I put my hands around his neck. 

7. So next, dave gets me pregnant and he told me when I was in his office that he didnt want the baby so I told him to give me £10 and then he grabbed my arm and I said "Call yourself a man!" and he let go. Then I got a train to barry beach and stayed there ALL day and it was getting dark and Mr.S and my mum and dad came to barry and Mr. S told my parents to wait at the top of the beach and he ran down towards me. I was stood on a rockpool bit at the deep end of the sea and when I turned to see him i fell in the sea and Mr.S ran and jumped in after me. When he got me out I went to hosp and I told my parents about me and him. My dad punched Mr.S and I told them to stop and I went off with Mr.S. I said he was my only life now. 

So thats my dreams....quite a lot since they where all roughly around the same time!! 
They are VERY Dramatic and quite funny. hope you enjoyed! 

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3 Responses Nov 6, 2011

hqahaha i have lots & lots of dreams of buddy! but yours are so.... awesome! haha

Well I thought I was about time I told the dreams since its basically the next chapter in my diary.

that is awsome i have creative dreams as well!!