I Called Him Sexy.

Today. (:
Yes, Today. D:
I came for rehearsals and...
I saw my friend there and i called her 'sexy'
Me: Hey Sexy(:
Friend: Hii!
Mister: *looks at me like wth?*
Me: What? i call eveyone sexy(: Hey sexy!
Friend: Wooooeeeee! that's innapropriate!!
Me: haha nooo it's nott!! *duh, i knew it was*
Mister: *laughs* stephanie, don't say that it's illegal for youu.
Me: *lied* i'm 18!(:
Friend: i'm not even 18!
Me: haha okay, okay, I'm 15! :)
Mister: Soo,
Me: what's up sexy ;)
Mister: *laughs again* let's make a deal you will not do that again(:
Me: *silent*
Mister: got it.?
Me: Mmmmmmhhmmmmm
Omg, today was his birthday!!
Me: It's your birthday? ( i didn't know at the time, someone told me)
Mister: Yess
Me: Aweee happy birthday! i didn't knowww!! Feliz CompleaƱos(happy birthday)! *signals a hug*
We hugged! <33333333
My arms were around his neck, & his were around my waist. A tight hugg(:
Me: i'm going to give you something;)
Mister: *smiles at me* (it was sooooo adorable how he was smiling at me!)
Me: *shows him a Mistletoe- Justin Bieber*
Mister: Thankyou, for showing Mistletoe from justin bieber.
Me: *laughs it off*
That's it. (:
Thanks for reading! & i will update more for the people who want me too!
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You know what? Every time I read one of your story's, I get a liiiiittle bit more jeliouse. Why do you have to be so lucky?! lol! I wish I had a hug with Romeo!

Ooo! I know what you can do, Are you obsessed with some artist? talk to Romeo about it, he will tease you about it, if it's justin bieber, I'm sure he will tease you alot with him :D Then you guys will get along a little! :D

Yeah the only problem is I WANNA KILL JB! Please take no offence! But i do love Joe Jonas.... ;)

Tell him about Joe Jonas Then! :D Talk About Him All The Time, Maybe That Will Get Him To Like You EVEN MORE! kD

Yeah. I will SO do that in the hour i spend in prep each week.... Thanks for the idea!

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See, My teacher NEVER hugs! And well...If I called him sexy he would know I liked him and probs avoid me ! HAHA

hahaha he knew i was playing though! i lovvedd that hugg! you should try to hugg your teacher(:

Hes very professional, He wont even touch a girl just in case. All the girls fancy him so guess he might of had a incident before in a different school where a girl might of said something....Most ive done with him is shake his hand. haha

Wow, Really well at least you got to shake his hand! haha ;D
My teacher is the kind that hugs but, one time he hugged me infront of a teacher, i pulled away fast!