I Can't Get Him Out Of My Head!!

Yes yes, the title sounds soppy and like the title of a britney spears song but It's true. I am madly in love with my Science teacher. He is 45 years old (yes, there is quite an age gap but that won't stop our love!), he has short, brown hair, brown eyes, glasses, tall and always wears a very smart shirt and tie! He is gorgeous and have fancied him ever since year 7! I have 2 science teachers but I have him for 3 lessons a week and the other for 2 so I get to see him more. I am in year 10 ( ages 14-15 ) and have been told in september that I will be having him on Tuesday's, Wednesday's and Thursday's. It was the best news I had ever received! At this point I already had a teenage crush on him from times I had seen him before and times he had covered my lesson but now I finally get to have him as a teacher! I am really shy at school and find it difficult to make eye contact with people who I barely know so trying to make eye contact and speak to my crush was a challenge to say the least! After a few lessons of having him he began to accept my shyness and stopped picking on me all the time for questions as he knew I get embarrased when I speak in front of the rest of the class. I have begun speaking to him and he is to me the only friend in my science class as all my other friends are in a different class than me. We talk to each other about everything and one day he offered me a lift home because my Mum said she was going to be really late coming home from work. I accepted the lift and he took me home in his snazzy new car! I knew that my Mum wouldn't like the fact of me driving home in a car with a 'stranger' so I chose not to tell her and say I got the train. The next day he acted kind of guilty around me as he drove me home the night before even when I swore I wouldn't tell anyone. By the way people reading, he was only offering me a lift to be friendly, not in a paedophilic way...you sick minded readers you! Weeks went by and I grew more attached to him every day and things started to look suspicious between the two of us and other teacher began to notice the bond we had. After lesson one day he asked me to stay behind after school to talk. He told me how other teachers are always seeing us together and how I should try not to be together as much as it looks as if there is something going on between the two of us. He looked disapointed as he was telling me this and smiled at me when he was talking. My question is pretty much, should I tell him my feelings and does anyone else out there in the world have the same feelings for a teacher or an older man?? WHAT'S WRONG WITH ME!?!?
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I have a HUGE crush on my teacher I can't get him out of my head. He's really hot and a LOT OF GIRLS like him , but it seems i'm the only one that thinks hes HOT ! Like he has muscles and stuff. Like we never really talk but i catch him starring at me, He's extremely respectful and hes so funny. I keep having dreams about him. One time He was walking with another teacher upstairs and I was downstairs but far away and I was starring at him and I was walking with my class and I said to my friend there he is and then in a split second he stares at me. Like i think we have this connection, we don't talk but we can feel it, mentally. He's really hot and I think that hes adorable <3 im 13 he's 46/47

OK firstly unfortunately you can not tell him and even if he did have feelings for you he is your teacher it can not happen. Sorry. However you can imagine anything in your head but that's where it has to stay. But do not worry most of us have been there. Mine was my PE teacher Tall Dark Handsome with blue eyes I prefer brown but that's another story. I still think about him and I left school 20 years ago. As for older men well if its any help I still do have a thing for older men. In fact if you look at some of my stories on here you will see I am having a thing not relationship but deep meaningful friendship with a man about 18 years older than me but its fine I am an adult and he is not a teacher he is the mechanic who deals with my car but he is married. Just remember it has to stay in your head. Hope this helps.

Actually a few years ago I had a crush on a teacher, even older than yours... (I have a crush on another teacher now too XD but he's younger)... And I was just like you: shy and timid. I also grew kind of close to him and would talk to him frequently. Maybe I was paranoid but I did notice that other teachers would blatantly stare at me when I was talking to him, and everyone assumed I had a crush on him... Ugh. But I promise, it's normal, your feelings will fade when he's not your teacher, and all will be forgotten:)

Thanks everyone for the comments! They're really helpful and making me realize that I'm not the only one out there who fancies a teacher! Thankyou :D

I had a crush on my former history teacher we would talk together all the time to but i never heard rumors about us so idk if anyone really notice how close we really were

I have a crush on my 40yr old bio teacher. I don't think he knows (well he might) but he looks WAY young...<br />
Anyway, that was very nice of him to take you home.<br />
<br />
People, mainly students are talking about how close my teacher and I are sometimes. There was a nasty rumor following me that I hoped he didn't catch ear of. It's gone now (I hope) so it doesn't bother me as much anymore.

Me too. The worst bit is that My teacher (who I will not mention the name) knows I have a crush on him and so does the majority of the school as I was stupid enough to tell one of my friends. I thought I could trust that friend but i was obviously wrong!

That's cold of your friend. :(

yup :)