I Miss Him Already!

Hi, god it's late. Anyway I broke up yesterday (friday) for the christmas holidays and for those who read my last story will know I have a huge crush on my science teacher. It's only been a day and I wish I was back at school. Normal teenages were jumping for joy yesterday when they were breaking up for 2 weeks but for me the fact of knowing that I wasn't going to see him for 2 weeks is already making me feel ill! I don't know how I'm going to cope! I know this is a really dopey, teenage crush story but I seriously don't think I can wait even 2 weeks to see my teacher again! He told us which town he lived in when he was talking in class so I know in which area where he lives. I might even resort to stalking him if I get desperate! Also I am really jealous of all my friends as they all have boyfriends and can go and visit them any time they like, but for me I'm alone :( Does anyone know if my phase will ever blow over and I'll start liking boys my OWN age!?!?
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yes same problem its been 10 days since i saw him but my cousin lives a few houses away from him and i go over like every week and i was so shocked that he lived by my cousin i just try to enjoy break but im head over heels for him and its gonna be this way for awhile i know how you feel i almost even had the guts to look his number up and call him than hang up just to hear his voice but that would have been wrong and it would have made me think of him more. I hope you see him soon i wont till tuesday :( hope this helped

Thanks everyone for the comments! They have really helped! :)

Yes you have it bad. Don't stalk him its not a good idea. I do know that feeling of can I cope without him I have been there more than once. However it will pass that feeling goes sometimes it takes a long time but time is a great healer. As for older men there seems to be loads of us. Your best plan for the Christmas hols is to keep busy and if you have five minutes on your own imagine in your head what given the chance you would like to happen with him and write it down somewhere where no one else can find it and then when you need you can read it and feel better. The other thing I used to do is close my eyes and try as hard as possible to picture his face in my mind. The man I well lets just say have feelings for I don't see him very often so I know that longing to see them problem. I do have a suggestion might be hard to do but if somehow you could find a picture of him that you could photocopy somehow then you could keep it somewhere and when you need look at it. As for how to get a photo of him that's up to you just don't do anything you could get into trouble for. Hope this helps.

Okay... I commented on your other story as well... But I just had to comment on this one. This crush will end, but as for the "phase" of liking older men, it's impossible to say. I haven't liked anyone my own age for 3 years now XD But that might just be me; I think that's really uncommon actually. There's a good chance you'll find someone your own age to like within the next year or so :)