My Gorgeous Teacher

As soon as I first laid my eyes on him I knew he was my first true love. I felt a very different feeling inside of me that made me feel all funny inside. I was 12, he was 43. At the time I didn't care about our age difference, I just wanted him to be the one and for us to be together. 2 years passed and finally in year 10 he was my Science teacher. I would act all nervous and flirty around him without even realising it. I would blush and stutter and gaze longingly into his deep chocolate eyes. I saw his eyes twinkle as I did this and his already small smile grew till it was a mile wide. He would talk to me everyday to check if I was ok and it felt as if I had a special friend, almost like a big brother. In class I would hold onto his every word and listen to each sound that would come out of his mouth. My grades went up higher and higher and I was really starting to impress him. I went from a grade D to grade B in a matter of weeks. I would stare at him throughout the lesson observing his every move. Even the smallest of movements were adoreable and breathtaking. Such as from marking work and sighing because he has had a long day. His appearance was unique and special. He had thin brown/ginger hair which swoops in the wind, yet still didn't mess up, a gorgeous smile and a smart dress sense (tucked in shirt and a tie done up properley.) He is one of the funniest people I have ever met and we share the same taste in humour. Since I have began speaking to him I have discovered that we share the same interests such as tv, cars and music. I know that teachers aren't supposed to be friends with students but we have really bonded since I had him for Science. I stay behind at school everyday just to talk to him for advice. But one night was different. While I was talking to him I saw a different look in his eyes and a bigger smile on his face. He walked over to lock the
classroom door and dimmed the lights. He sat down next to me again and asked me if I was ready for the question he was about to ask. I said yes. 'I love you, very much. Do you love me back?' I said yes and explained the deep feelings I had for him. He kissed me gently on the lips and I kissed him back with greater passion. He began stroking my hair and taking off my clothes. He unfastened my bra and I took off his clothes. He felt my body with his gentle hands and kissed my neck. I felt so alive and for once it felt like my life was worth living! Then I woke up.
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Please keep it in your dream. It's cute and understandable that you love your teacher. Afterall, your school probably only have boys who are not developed, mature, and so on, and that teacher has that unique advantage to be in a position to show qualities that older man has. You must keep your head cool. Years later it will be a sweet memory, but don't act upon it! You only have one life to live, and all the lovers we need is 1 in life.

lol The whole "Then I woke up" was like a bucket of cold water. I was like "omg.... She must be in heaven to have this really happening."<br />
Though, I am in the same boat. I dream about him too and the next day can be awkward.