I Went To My Teachers House<333

Sorry i have not been updating lately. I've been lazy to type on my stupid phone. lol
well to stick to my topic.
i went to my teacher house.
3 words...
Well, here's what happen;
i went in his room after school because we were going to go christmas caroling that day and we had to rehears ;)
i changed into other professional looking cloths.:)
he couldn't keep his eye's off of me ;) lol
Yeah, i know<3
we rehearsed then we head off. :D
We obviously had no ride to get to go the places we were gonna gp sing in'
he took us
and i sat in the passenger seat with him
next to him
i know! next to him!!
Well i was happy!
He kept looking at me when we were in his car, he teased me, we sang together until....
his wife called,
it was on speaker and i can tell my teacher felt awkward and i just looked down at my phone. ..
He told me i lookeed really nice, that made me smile.:)
after we were done caroling that's when i was super stoked!
I saw his house, my heart was beating
i got out of his car and went inside and it was beautiful, it was a 2 story house! :) lol
We playeed lots of games and just really bonded.
i'm super happy right now.:)
i see him as a best friend already.
i love him.(:
then 2hrs of fun in his house he took us home and i just wanted to kiss him in the cheek and tell him thank you about that day. (:
but i didn't.
So, yeah. that's all i think ha'
i'll upload a few pictures in a bit so check on that.
and if you have time read my blog,
i'mm talking about the band
i love them! do you guys know them/
well i'll write soon1
Cheers :)
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Omg so many young people have a crush on "her" teacher here. Come on guys! it's cute to love your teacher or adult figures, but use your mind not your heart. Teachers have families and don't have enough time left to take care of you when they get old. Don't entertain this it's not even legal most of the time.

i agree, i mean if they have a familyyy, just let it go... I wouldn't even try anything if they have a family ! I'm in love with a 28 year old guy, he's single and has been for like... most of his life lol. But really, taken guys should be off limits

When you say "us" do you mean you and him, or other people too? SO cute to be in his house!

yess, it was more people, it was 7 of us. :)

Sounds amazing!!!

It must be annoying seeing him with his wife. FINALLY! You know about 1 direction! They where on this tv show last year called the x factor (singing contest where the winner relises a single) and i voted for them 5 times EVERY week!!!! I love them so much!!!!!!! BTW Louis and Liam are MINE!

YeaH, they barely showed the X Factor this year in America! I looovvveee One Direction! :) You can keep them, but i must say.. Louis is HILARIOUS! "i like girls who.. eat carrots" - Louis lol :D I Looove Harry! (i still love my husband JB) he is mega cuuutteeee(: &lt;3 Mann, i wish they lived in the U.S. in California. lol

what's your favorite song of theirs? :)

Yeah everyone loves Harry!

What makes you beautiful! Me and my friend where singing it at the top of our lungs in Mr. Romeos class room once because we saw a picture of them! Lol. Whats your favorite?

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yea that would be awkward and you know all the feeling and what not

awwwwwww so cute im glad you had a nice time omg his wife came how was that whole thing

His wife sat on his lap and they kissed, i wasn't hurt at all i was just feeling akward because you know just awkward! lol

More details pleeeeaaasee!<br />
1. Where his wife at home? =O<br />
2. Did he "look" at you, you know with that look in his eyes you´re writing about?=)<br />
3. Did something awkward happen like the phone in the car? =P I want to know!

Sorry i didn't write enough detail
1- No she was not home, but she came when we were about to leave his house.
2- He stared at me, in a way that, ugh i can't explain it, in a way a guy would look at a pretty girl, get me? lol
3- He was being nosy, when i would text he would look, when i would turn to the windsheild next to me he'll look at me. We touched elbows :) He just looked like a guy that was intrested in me i think, but you never know i may be wrong :/