Advice, Por Favor?

In English today we were assigned to write a paper on someone who inspires us and has changed our life. Basically a role model of ours. The first person who came to my mind? Mr.R. I really want to write about him, and I feel that my best work could come about from it. So you might be asking yourselves what's the big deal? Well, it's very personal how he's helped me, I mean..he's completely turned around my life, believed in me when no one else did. It's hard to express, and it's very personal... and I wasn't quite planning on telling him yet. Advice? Second opinions?

As for today, still nothing has happened with Mr.J. Sigh :( Which is disappointing, considering the drawing I gave him. Oh well, I won't read to much into it.

In English today we got back our argumentative essays. Mr.R had written a few comments on  mine. Among them on of them asked me to e-mail him the essay so he could use it as an example! AHHH!

The next period in Study Skills I was trying to work on my outline for English. I sighed louder than I had originally intended which caused Mr.I to look over at me. He just smiled and came over to sit next to me. "What'cha working on?" I told him about the project. He immediately replied "You should write about Mr.R!" I told him that I was actually considering it. We talked about that for a while then out of the blue he said "Why aren't you in honors?!" 
"I actually wanted to take honors English and History..." 
"Well, what happened?"
"My dad... he didn't think I could handle it.."
He huffed.
"Do you still want to take them?"
He smiled at me "I don't have a much power on the history, but Mr.R is head of the honors English I'll talk to him, I can probably pull some strings..."
"Really? You'd do that?"
"Yeah! I'm the head of special ed. I can do what I want! I'll e-mail him today."
With that he went over to his computer. 

I love my teachers to pieces and I love everything that they do for me.

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lol, this story is so lovely! on monday i e-mailed my teacher and said something like this "hi just wanted to take the time and say i really appreciate you. You're my favorite teacher ever. You inspire me so much i can't even say how much, I also want to say thank you for believing in me, when no one else does, I really appreciate everything you do" something like that and he email me back and it was the greatest email i have ever gotten it was sooo sweet. Maybe you should do that he told me that it made his day. I just really wanted to tell him that too but had no clue what to do email him and if you cant maybe tell him or write a letter hoped this helped!

Yes, I heard about it! I have thought about it and after what Mr.I said yesterday I have decided to do it. I was originally going to wait...but I figured what's the worst that could happen? I just finished the outline for the essay last night, which means no going back... D: Well, I should go type up the rough draft! Thanks for the advice :)

yup no problem tell me how its goes!