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Tears Of Confusion

As some of you may know from my other stories, that my french teacher loves me like a daughter, and she told me i love you, in a very serious tone, while I was quite vunerable, and was wrapped up in her hug. I still can't get over those 3 words, since I haven't heard those words from my parent's in so many years.
The other day I realised I had someing I borrowed om her, and eventualy she will need it back, so I was thinking I would give it to my friend with a letter to give back to her. In this letter, I will obviously say sorry for the late return to her, but I also feel the dire need to say I love you back to her, until I do I know otherwise for the rest of my life I will be faced with the tears of confusion, and my undeying love for her. But, how do I go about this?
girlie88 girlie88 13-15 Feb 12, 2012

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