What Hurts The Most

I love him so much I am in love deeply, even though we are not together. I can tell in his eyes that he has something for me. He always trusts me he lets me run errands all the time and lets me go through his desk and clean up his desk/room. But what hurts the most is being so close, and having so much to say, and watching him walk away. And never knowing what could have been, and not seeing that love in him that's what im trying to do. But, I don't like this it gets to me. And I end of being pathetic and cry (which i never do btw) At my 2nd lunch table, I sit there every other day and well they were taling about him and saying how manly, hot, sexy, etc he is. And well i kinda know a lot of people think hes hot and it gets to me. I mean looks aren't everything, i love his personality and looks everything about him i love. I want to hold him tight and wont let go. I won't let him down. I hate when a whole bunch of people like him even my friends admit he is hot, i am like his ultimate fan ever. I can't cope with that. Knowing that they think he's hot and they like him, it just me want to love him a million times more. That should be me with him, I understand he's married, but I can;t go on without him. I'm so close to him and I just want to tell him, but it will ruin our student/teacher relationship, that's why im waiting intill i graduate highschool to tell him i am in love with him. He's everything to me and I won't let go.
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I hate when people talk about Mr .D so much becausemostly its complaining about him! I think you should tell him after grad too! Good luck

wow i totoal understand what your on about my teacher trust me too with every thing and i get angery when other girls go on about how fit he looks

Be so careful my dear. Too often falling for a teacher or mentor is more about the authority position that they play in your life, or a void of a male figure, or something about the male role model in your life. Hopefully it's just a crush and you'll grow in your life and loves to come. Chances of something good and real coming of it are very very slim. Doesn't mean you can't have dreams and fantasies in the mean time. Just keep it real.

I know how you feel. There would be girls flirting with my teacher and touching him (not in that way) and i just like, hes mine not yours!! I think i should tell my teacher at the end of my high school. :) Hang in there kid.