A Poem For You

This is just something I felt like doing; vent.

I believe what my sister said to be true,
That you're deeply interested in me and everything I do.
Sure it's not the way I see you,
But it's still something that I find dear
And treasure every time that you're here.

Don't you see that everything I do is for you?
Yeah, you knew
That all those drawings were for you,
To impress you all the way through.

What I want is forbidden,
That's why I keep these feelings hidden.
In a notebook written,
Waiting for you to return
And when you do my heart, my head, slowly begin to burn
Being in your presence is something I yearn--
For. Don't leave me
It's so easy to see
How much I wish you and I could be

Everything you do is so fantastic!
The way you walk,
It's sarcastic!
Everyday I anticipate
For that special date
When you'll push my classmate
Aside, and locate
Me; Please just once teacher!
Be my preacher
When I'm sitting on that bleacher
And lie
Every time I say "hi"
You ignore me and I die
A little inside
Then run home and hide
Because you're the cause, the loss of my pride.

Remember that time when you were sick
And the first thing I did was send you a text real quick?
See because I care
So don't you even dare,
Start to stare
And think to yourself that I did it to kiss up!
Otherwise I'll just start to tossup
You know what? Just give me a markup.

No I would never show this to him! It's not only poorly written but doesn't rhyme in a rhythm that I find appealing.
Anyway...Last week was cute with him. I'll wait a while to post about it (as usual).
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1 Response Feb 27, 2012

@PinkPumpkinPie i love it very sweet i hope one day you tell him how you feel