9. Stupid Love Game. Who Can Hurt The Other More?

Monday: He broke up with her. At least, I think he did. I haven't seen them together at all latley and there are rumors they broke up but I still don't trust them. He never wore the ring to begin with so I can't tell but she isn't wearing the ring, not when I saw her today anyways. Oh well, she's really dumb if she let him go. Well today, I was with my friends in the corridors and my spanish teacher walks up to me and goes "Jay! I swear, if you don't turn up to detention I'll kill you" he lightly smacks me "I love you and all so I'll give you one more chance to finsh off the homework" It was due three weeks ago! and then he winks and walks away. So my friends go "Even teachers want to **** you jaaaaaaaayy!" at the top of thier lungs. Yes. Embarssing so I said "Its cause I'm so shemxy!" and rolled my eyes. and guess who decided to walk by? Yes. Mr.H, He gave me this priceless smirk and laughed while walking. Ha, awkwardness.

Thursday: There's this guy in my history class (Mr.H's class) who is crushing on me so they other day he went "Jay, What are you doing this weekend? I was kinda wondering... cause like if your free and I'm free... we could..." "Thomas! Detention! After school." Mr.H shouted. I don't know. Maybe the whole connection thing is all in my head, I try to convince myself that but when our eyes meet, its too real to ignore.

Wednesday: Sports day. His girlfriend made it clear they got back together to our class (Directly me). Well, We ignored eachother again. So I got tired of walking with him and went to talk with my guy friend. A while later, I was looking at him and his girlfriend passed by, He grabbed her and started flirting with her (they sat down and were playfully pushing eachother and inches away and stuff) I swear I heard my heart shattering. At that moment, I considered just jumping off a cliff. I tore my gaze of them and ran the track. During lunch, the teachers ate at one side and we ate at another table and all I could think off was how stupid and pointless this was. Why we keep playing this game, I don't know. I end up hurt.

Thursday: I ditched school cause I didn't want to see him.

Friday: During lunch I held hands with some dude while walking infront of him and I hugged a guy friend just to get back at him. I mean, I hate myself by doing that and I end up crying for hours remembering I hurt him but Its like I'm controlled by jealousy and anger. In normal class, we ignored eachother.
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1 Response Mar 11, 2012

I was laughing when he gave that guy a detention but kissing his girl in front of you, thats just cruel. Too bad they didn't break up perminantly :(

Hmm. I wish I had the same out look as you. I just hate it when they have girlfriends and I hate her and I always wan't them to end it. Eh. I guess your not as selfish as I am!