Here We Go Again..

Today was amusing. There was a lot of squeeing, laughing, and fangirling done on my part.
Kirsten and I have gained camera privileges for a project we are working on for the end of the year. Said project needs several pictures of the 9th grade and teachers. This is kind of a big deal because only recently are we aloud to pull out phones and mp3s AFTER SCHOOL without being penalized.
Basically, all day Kirsten and I have been galavanting around the school taking everybody’s pictures. Mr.R and the school counselor were the most amusing. The posed all nice for a few pictures, but now without complaining that we should wait until next month “when we have mustaches!” Then they just glared at each other for the rest of the pictures.
After lunch when we were getting things at our lockers for 5th PR, Kirsten tried to get a picture of Mr.J secretly and it didn’t go as well as she had hoped. I had my back turned so I wasn’t entirely aware of the situation. “IS THAT A CAMREA?!” was pretty much the next thing I heard being screamed by Mr.J. Of course I am startled to death because A) LOUD NOISES B) OH HI, MR.J, not to mention you are standing a bit close too for comfort. Uhm, hi.
As Kirsten and I clamor to explain that we do in fact have permission to have our cameras at school, Mr.J is staring at us in this I-am-trying-so-hard-to-be-serious-but-I-am-clearly-failing kind of way. Which lead me to glance at Kirsten who completely loses her composure, and at this point I am as far gone as her. Eventually he just grinned and said “Okay.” and sauntered off as per usual.
The only interesting thing that happened between 5th PR and 6th PR is that somehow my backpack ended up being named Shelia. Fast forward to 7th PR. I was not incredibly excited to go to an assembly that was an hour or so long, about NITROGEN. I could easily have just ditched and hung around in Mr.I’s room, but realizing that I would have practically an entire period to stare at Mr.J and generally veg out, I said what the hey and went. Not like I was given much choice anyways.
Because the assembly was geared towards 6-7th graders, I was bored out of my mind. You can only watch a guy freeze stuff with Nitrogen so many times before it gets boring. About 10 minutes into the presentation Mr.J comes and stands next to my chair for the rest of the freaking presentation. I mean, I am not complaining, but my body can only hold so much fangirling. Needless to say, it was pleasant and entertaining. The guy was passing around an asteroid that was the size and shape of a football and it only looked about 5-10 pounds, but when you held it, it weighed SO much more. I mean like30 pounds more. Anyway, I handed it off to Mr.J. He held it in his hands and contemplated it for a few moments before pretending to throw it at my friend Josh, which I was eternally grateful for because Josh will not stop harassing me.
Finally near the very end, the guy presenting, freezed a bouncy ball and said “Okay I’m gonna chuck this at the wall” he points to the wall right next to Josh and me “And when it shatters, don’t go touch it…” That’s safe. Well it did shatter, and it did very nearly hit Josh and I. Of course the first thing Mr.R and Mr.J do it start kicking it around at each other after the guy told everyone specifically to NOT touch it. Role models right there.
Speaking of which, I got back my role model paper from Mr.R. He wrote a really sweet message to me on it. I won’t share it for now cause it’s kind of special to me. But he did say something along the lines of “Amanda, you have an insatiable zest for life and learning.”
Made my day. ♥
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Aw, I love reading your stories!!

Thank you so much! This means a lot to me. I love writing them and I like feed back :)