When We Got Really Close To Them...<3

Well this isn't that hard to talk about, it was a very big thing, but we don't like talking about it at all! Anyway.... It was in P.E when me and my friend was getting bullied very bad we self-harmed, and we couldn't do this thing on a bench because it involved using our arms which we couldn't do as we had cut our arms...! so we both just sat on the bench hoping nobody would notice, but no the assistant, miss w (aka blobfish- long story!) told us to start doing the work me and my friend immediately shouted back NO we cant and held our arms, she asked why, we just stormed outside:S Then she came running out and was like whats happening girls im concerned! We looked at eachother like **** OFF!!! but no she carried on asking she said to my friend show me your arm! My friend was like no! I was like we dont have to do anything! and we walked back in and sat on the bench, (i didnt used to do the work in p.e) so smiler was like to my friend how come your not doing it! Thats when we both burst out crying, i walked away from my friend and another girl came over and was like hugging me as she knew what happened, then smiler came over to me, took me into the hall, got a chair sat me down and crouched right in front of me he was like whats up? i felt like saying I LOVE YOU!! but resisted the temptation! and just said i cant do it! he was like why and looked at my arms of which i was holding, he went to roll up my sleebe but i pulled away he was like seriously (my name) im really worried about both of you! i was like i want to talk with shelley and you! he was like alright and went to see my friend he crouched in front of her and and went in her face to make her laugh, which it sorta did....;) Then they both came in and he got her a chair and himself and sat down legs open like a man;)<3 then he asked whats up just leaving the class hhahahaa..... we looked at eachother still crying, he was like do you want to tell me? we was like yes he was like face to face or write it down? we was like write it down and he ran to the office and got paper and pens, we wrote down, bullying and stress causing self-harm, we gave it to him, he read it and looked up at us and looked worried then he was like ok i will have to hand this over to someone else but im glad you told me! we looked at eachother and grinned he done his big cute goofy grin at us and said you actually trust me! we was like yeah:P he was like thanks..... 

Then we had a footie match after and the tops were shortsleeved to we asked blondie j if there was any long sleeved he was like no we was like its not because were cold! he was like yeah i no sorry to hear about that btw! we was basically a puddle on the floor (melting!!) Then we played the match he said we both played amazingly, then when we were driving back he was really excited as it was pancake day and like told us his whole life story!  just joking he was like im going to go to asda get some things to make pancakes get home make them, slouch on the sofa, stuffing my face and watching tv! me and my friend burst out laughing he looked at us through his mirror and grinned;)<3 

We got back to school and blondie j was parking it and smiler came out and was laughing at him parking it me and my friend walked towards him he was like did you wanna talk to me, we was like yeah he was like alright ive been waiting for you to come back anyway so he took us in to his office we stood there and he was like show me the damage then and we did he was like ive seen worse and told us what was going to happen he said we can go to his office if we ever want a chat we was like thanks, he was like its alright then we left and filled up our water bottles and blondie j came out and was like talking to us for a bit then we just saw this foot and it was smiler he pulled it open even more and he was in his motor bike stuff! (FIT!!<3)  Then i was like Can i steal your motor bike;) he winked and was like no but you can have a lift, i stupidly said no joking around and my friend didnt answer then he laughed winked and was like joking:P Then we followed him out to it and i was like seriously can i nick it! he was like no but you can start it up, me being an idiot said no!(regret it now:'() then he started it up and i thought he couldnt hear me so i was swearing and i was like can you hear me? he was like yes and laughed, then we planked and he turned round and was like what are you doing! we was like planking!!! we got up and he left, he was like see ya girls have a good day! we was like bye sir you too! we whispered love you...:S he didnt hear though:P 

 Sorry if this story was really long and a bit pointless but i just wanted to get it out... so now were on the easter holidays and we have a week left until we get to see them again:( but were surviving (just) Please no haters... just wanted to post a story about it:L thanks....:D<3 
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Apr 9, 2012