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I'm new to this and yess, as you have probably guessed, I REALLYYY like one of the teachers at my highschool! There is no point really of me writing this but I just wanted to tell you about my teacher :)
I'm a freshman and I am 14. My teacher, I'm going to call him Mr.S, taught me for Maths in 2011 in the first half of my freshman year. Unfortunately, we had to swith classes and I am now with a really crap Maths teacher who hates me and I hate him too. Mr.S was fresh outta college and we were his first class last year. He's only 22 so the age difference isn't that big between us I guess. I thought he was special from the beginning and I began to really look forward to Maths class. I was never good at Maths ever in my life until Mr.S became my teacher and he worked one-on-one with me (which was my favourite time;) until I got an A in every test he gave us. Since I am out of his class, my grades for Maths are slipping again.
Mr.S is soo good-looking; tall, dark and handsome with gorgeous brown eyes and a dimpled smile but his personality is worth way more than his looks. He is understanding, funny, so so helpful, gentle and caring and we share the same wicked sense of humour. In class we would always have each other in stitches!!
I could be on here all day writing about this amazing guy. I loved being his favourite. He would ask me to stay after class and do jobs for him. The day I had to leave his class, I was almost in tears and so was he :( I was gutted; I went home and I cried and cried for days. He is absolutely amazing. Although I fancy him. I would never take it any further and ruin our friendship. He has bought me lunch on occasions and is so so sweet. He always talks to me outside of class and embarrassesme in front of my friends :)
I am not in his class now, but we still talk most days. He is also a PE teacher so I have him at times for PE. I don't want to sound conceited, but I am very good at sports and he is always impressed with my abilities :) I can tell him everything, seriously he is so so lovely. At my parent teacher meeting, he told my Mom he will always be looking out for me no matter what and I know he is. I know it sounds stupid, but sometimes it feels as though I have a special friend :) He told me I will always be his best student. As much as that makes me happy, I can't help but be jelous when he talks to somebody else around the school.
I love the way he says my name and I dream about him every night when I go to sleep. Of course it really hurts me sometimes to like a teacher this much ..seriously it has gone beyond a crush now! Just 2 days until I see him again, I can't wait!! :D Anyhow, thank you for letting me ramble and I will keep you updated :)
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Awh he sounds cute! You could ask to still go for one-on-one help because your grades are slipping with the other teacher. Then it would be pretty much the same thing as having him because the one-on-one was your favorite part.

Heheh, yeah he is cute :) Thanks for that good advice, but it's not that simple coz I am doing the highest of higher level maths and they all expect me to know what I'm doing :/ My classes for Sophmore will go on our Summer tests so I will probably be in the lower higher level class, possibly with Mr.S but not sure !! Thanks for your comment it's appreciated :)