I Fell In Love... Again.

Most people wonder why a girl or boy falls in love with their former or past teacher. It is hard to explain. We just don't wake up one morning and say, "Im going to fall in love with my teacher today!" There is many resons why we fall in love. Their smile, their eyes, their laugh, the way they care about you, ect. But it is over time, once we have really got to know them personly. We all know that it is wrong. We could have the teacher fired, put in jail, ect. For most, it is a secret love, for others, it isnt.
I fell in love with my teacher. He was nice to me and cute and was everything i was looking for a guy. But that was last year. For awhile i was depressed. Mostly because of him (and other reasons). I even thought about killing myself. But my friends helped me lift off this depression, but the boy that i fell in love with made me smile.
I am in love with a boy that is the same age as me. I know i have a gretter chance of dating him than my teacher. Now, i feel like my depression is off and that everyday i see ths boy, i tend to think of my teacher less. I always will remember him, i never want to forget. He was my first love. He will always be in my memory. If the boy i like and i do get together, i dont think i will ever tell him about my teacher. You will never know the way things turn out... but thats the fun part.
bec193 bec193
18-21, F
Apr 14, 2012