I Hate You? :/

Today as been great, wonderful even until i got onto the bus. I seen Mr. M for the first time in months. I seen him walking away into the school. I just glanced over and seen him walking. I was soo pissed off at him! I dont know why. I still am but not as much. I want to know why though. Why am i mad at ths man!?!? I think that the reason is i have had dreams about him... a lot of dreams. They are in some way of him and i and me try to call his name but Mr. M just walked off and didnt even hesitate. I would always end up crying in the end. Can someone please help! It would mean a ton!
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Your dreams of him walking away and ignoring you are a reflection of your fear that he will reject you, or a fear that maybe you're nothing to him.<br />
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When you saw him, but he didn't see you, the anger you felt was again that fear of rejection: of giving feelings but having no feelings returned.<br />
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Just relax. A dream is just an ex<x>pression of feelings inside us. Don't take it so hard.

Ok thanks. But I dont understand. I am in love with a boy my own age. I was happy (you know in love) and i didnt even think about Mr. M. But he has been outside for a while now... and i am ok with it. I just try to think of the one i love now and think of the one i did love less. It tends to work i guess.

"Hi"! I am not Mr. M or I think I am not... however initially I could.any numerous amount of people. I just wanted to say, "High"! I wear headphones alot and miss alot of greetings... maybe that's what your "M" was doing as well.....

Ok? Umm he wasnt wearing headphones in any of my dreams or in reality. Thanks for the shot!