They Make Us Feel Better...

right where do i start.....

tuesday tuesday tuesday.... like usual we wait near the buses and hoy was standing in the SC entrance but we didnt know why anyway i kinda hate tuesdays but only cus we have assemblies and they bore me to ******* death anyway onto the main bit

like our usual break times we are near the p.e office and this time we was with two otheres.... well they was swearing and me and M swore like twice and smiler poked his head round the door fit as hell then he stared at me and pointed and M and told us off for swearing and told us to clear off :( so we did then it got to p.e... wasnt the best p.e lesson but the end was pretty good only cus he ignored us for the lesson but afterwards he started to talk to us finally 

mr.G : hey girls where did you skyve off to for 10 minutes? *laughs*
us: we went to get our ball...
mr.G: hahaa okay 
us : we DID *gives him the look*
the B.I.T.C.H.E.S: what did you do in the bush you lost your virginity to eachover,did you have fun? was it hard *laughs* 
us: WHAT?!
mr.G: il just wait for some people.... but some of you thanks for listening *looks at us*
the B.I.T.C.H.E.S: *starts talking about mr.G* oh look hes got a ***** over M and S !
us: 0_0 

then we was walking back to the changing rooms (quite a trek) and me and M was walking slower so we was last in line and mr. G caught up to us :') we totally melted!! but we **** ourselves aswell...

us:* **** HE KNOWS SMILERS HIS NICKNAME* uhhh what?
mr. G: *quickly changes* SMILIER SMILE MORE PLEASE SMILE
us: oohhhhh
mr.G : sup? 
us: the ******* -_- 
mr.G: which *****? 
us: both *points at them*
mr. G : oh dont listen to them you just have to take it on the chin girls
us: well we will try


mr.G: heard you smashed them at bball then *GRINS*
us: we sure did 
mr. G: who scored the most then? *looks at me*
M: probably S or T
mr. G : ahaa surprise... you should uhhh....
us: what? 
mr.G : umm come along to uhh Bball practice on wed after school
us: wait wasnt it on thursday (we told him we cant do thursdays...) 
mr. G :ummm no its at SC seeya there!
us: yeah *awkwardly stood there just us and him then we walk away*

we get into the changing room and the ******* are in there and well we get changed and they keep talking about it... WE DIDNT ******* DO ANYTHING!? jesus they are so annoying then i went out before M and mr. G was waiting...

mr.G: class you can go...
*class leaves*
me: *sorting out bag* byee sir
mr.G: you can stay... uh if you want i mean
me: okay thanks... *cleaning shoes*
*just us two
mr.G: so why are them two ******* i have my reasons but whats yours ? 
me: *tells him* and your reasons??
mr.G: ahh right.... well they mess around and are really rude to me... and i dont like it when people bully you and M.... *looks down mutters something*
me : aww thanks :D they are annoying... arent you gonna tell me off for swearing? 
mr.G:no i dont wanna seem unfair or baiii- (bait) favoritism....and i dont want you getting in trouble withh jaaa-- mr. k *facepalms*
M:*comes out* ready? 
me: yeah bye sir
M: byeeeee sir
mr.G : seeya remember smile i hate seeing you miserable.. *smiles*
us: sure :)

then we left so overall a sorta amazing day also before all of that we passed blondie J in the corridor and he asked us if we was alright and smiled :) not much but hey :P comment please but not hate :L x 

S x

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Apr 24, 2012