I looked up at him, not able to keep my eyes off of him for long. 'He looks so good today...' I thought to myself. I had to stay after school for a test I had to make up in Latin. He looked up at me and I quickly looked back down at my test. "Do you need any help?" I heard him ask me. Chills ran through my whole body and I looked up at him. "No I'm okay, thanks though." I smiled at him as I looked back down at my paper. "Okay, just let me know if you need me." 'You have no idea Mr. H....' I thought to myself. "I will." I replied and finished up my test after a little while. I walked up to his desk and handed it to him. "All done?" "Yup" I said and smiled, blushing when our eyes met. I saw him smile and start to grade it. I stood and waited for him to finish. I looked at the clock on the wall and saw it read: 3:54. 'I wish I could stay longer with him...' I thought and looked over at him, he was checking the last question and smiled up at me. "Here you go." He said and smiled, handing me a paper that had a 100 at the top. "Awesome! Thanks for letting me stay late, Mr. H!" "Anytime -my name-" He said and the chills ran through me again. I turned to walk out and just as I reached the door I heard "Oh, um, -my name-? Can you come here for a second? And... shut the door..." My stomach twisted and butterflies flew around inside of me. I didn't know whether to be scared or happy, not knowing if I was in trouble or not. "Yeah Mr. H?" I said as I shut the door and walked over to his desk. He looked up at me and our eyes locked. "I heard a rumor this morning..." He said. My face heated up and I asked "What about?" "Someone told me that you said you like me more than just a teacher? Or something like that." "Who said that?" I asked, our eyes still locked and my face growing redder somehow. "I can't say... But is the rumor true?" He asked. "Well... I'm sorry... I didn't mean for it to happen..." I saw him stand up and his smile grow as I looked down. I was ready for some kind of joke or criticism or lecture like I got from all the other crushes I had in the past. I looked up at him and said "I do, maybe sorta have a crush on you, but I'm sorry, I really am I didn't want anyone to kn-" I was cut off by his lips on mine. My heart exploded and I melted inside, I put my hand on his face, feeling his soft stubble. I closed my eyes, kissing him back with everything in me. I felt his warm hand cup my face and kiss me like I had never been kissed before. I felt his other arm wrap around my waist and pull me closer to him. I smiled on his lips, amazed by everything he did and I felt him smile back. I kissed him again and ran my fingers through the back of his hair. I felt him suddenly pull away. "I-I'm so sorry, I didn't mean to... We could get in so much trouble..." I heard him say and look nervous. "Don't apologize, please... I loved it... No one will know. I promise Mr. H." I looked him in the eyes and craved his lips on mine again. "Call me C." He said. I smirked and pulled him back to me with his blue and black striped tie. "Okay then C." I winked and pressed my lips to his again and kissed him with everything in me again, this time I felt him deepen the kiss as he pulled me closer. I felt my heart pound and I wrapped my arms around his neck. He kissed down my neck and I felt his stubble tickle me. I smiled widely and ran my fingers through his hair. "You're so amazing C..." I said in a half- moan half-whisper. I felt him smile on my neck and pull away to look me in the eyes. "Yes you are -my name-... I've felt this way about you for a while now..." He pressed his lips to mine again. In the middle of our kiss we heard a knock on the classroom door.

I opened my eyes and looked around as I heard my alarm clock going off... "Only a dream..." I said sadly to myself and sat up in bed. "Time for school...." I thought and smiled, remembering every detail of the most amazing dream I've ever had and went to school, planning on making that dream Reality.

Comment on what you thought! Constructive criticism is always good too! Thanks for reading! :)
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Omg! I honestly thought this was real up until the end and i was like you lucky girl lol! Hope you post more :)

Omg! I honestly thought this was real up until the end and i was like you lucky girl lol! Hope you post more :)

Wow! I'm actually suprized at all the positive feedback i'm getting! I'll deffinately post more stories since you guys like it so much. :-D Thanks for reading!

Oh my goddddd!!! You got me there until I read the ending, oh my god, that must have been such a good dream. I have had dreams about my teacher A LOT. Kept sharing I enjoyed this story!! :)

Oh my God it was Amazing!!! Thank you for the comment!! This makes me want to post more! :-D Hahaha, I will deffinately share more of my dreams now since you liked it so much. :-)

Nice story :)

Thank you! :-)

I know you asked for construcrive criticism but there's nothing I have to say that would improve it as I can't see anything wrong at all :)

That's awesome! Thank you! :)