Long Story About Me And My Teacher .xx

Hey! Hey! Did you think I died? Lol noooooo. I've been busy last month. But a lot has happen! :O With me and buddy. We have grown closer than I have expected. BEFORE I GO ON.. DO YOU GIRLS KNOW WHO ONE DIRECTION IS? WELL... IMMA SEE THEM ON JUNE 16th!! Jehdhhdgajjsvajsgksh I CAN'T WAIT!!!!! Okay... Ehem as I was saying. Let me start off where I left off in my previous story. 

In Spring Break, it was amazing because I did not think about Mr for one bit. I suppose that's a good thing right? But then it was April 8... Sunday night, He came across my mind and I didn't help but to smile. I was remembering what happen 2 weeks before Spring Break then I remembered what my friend screamed out to him. I began to think negative stuff of how differently he'll treat me. We were getting along just fine before that comment my stupid friend said. 

April 9th, 

I walked in and saw him. He was wearing a dressy shirt with a tie. He looked amazing. He looked at me and smiled. He never really pays attention to people in the morning (I'm serious). I smiled back and continued to walk towards my friends in class. 
The late bell rung and he went in the front of the class, 

Mr: *Slams his hands together* Good Morning! 
Everyone: Morning! 
Mr: How was your spring break? 

People said their spring break but I didn't because mine was boring! Except the fact that on April 5 6:34pm my step dad bought me One Direction tickets!! <3 He looked at me as if he wanted to know how was my Spring Break but I just left to sharpen my pencil. 
2nd period began and I had him again. 
We were doing our theory and I had a funny picture to show him. 

Me: Mister! I have a funny picture to show you! 
Mr: *in a mean way* Not now.

Without a word I walked out with pain. I laughed it off even though I was hurt. I sat next to my friend just over hearing his mean toned voice run across my head. I couldn't think or do anything. 

Friend: Hey? You're not screaming! Omg! Stephanie? You are not happy? Is that possible? 
Me: *gives a weak smile* I am happy dude. Just trying to work. *smiles* 
Friend: "baby you light up my world like no body else, the way that you flip your hair gets me overwhelmed.." 
Me: *fangirls* Omg!!!! I freaking love them! Did I tell you that...
Friend: you're going to a concert of them? 
Me: How'd you know? 
Friend: Facebook. 

Then before I can answer, I was my teacher walk out of his office and I was rather mad at him. I looked down and began to work on my theory. I felt a tap on my shoulder and I looked up and it was him. 
He came close to my ear and whispered, "What do you call an alligator in a vest?" 

//(Oh, the reason he said is because before Spring Break I used to tell him that over and over again just to irritate him, it's funny. He doesn't care though.) //

I laughed and looked at him. His smile was not flirty. It was a --sorry for what did, would you forgive me-- that's how I saw it. 

Me: Investigator! *laughs* 
Mr: *smiles* So what did you want to show me? 
Me: Oh.. Now you want to? *takes out my iPod* 
Mr: yeah. *laughs a little* 
Me: *shows him the picture* ( the picture was music related so I was sure he would like it.) 
Mr: *laughs hard* That's FUNNY!! 
Me: I just had to show you! I knew you'd laugh! 
Mr: That was really funny! *begins to walk to take roll* 
Me: *pulls him back* 
Mr: *looks surprised* 
Me: *signals him to bend down so I can whisper something in his ear* 
Mr: *smiles and bends down* 
Me: *Whispers* What do you call an alligator in a vest?
Mr: *Smiles walks away* *turns back around* Investigator! 


Yup! There is more. 

Over the weeks.. He has just been keeping eye contact like all the time. It's weird actually yet amazing! I should be happy that he pays attention to me! But sometimes I wonder.. What if I'm getting all happy for nothing? What if he just looks at me because he dozes off? What if he thinks I'm weird? I want to know WHY HE LOOKS AT ME A LOT. I have the urge to tell him now.. But then again what if I get a response I wouldn't expect.? I feel like if I ask him.. EVERYTHING will change. I want us messing around, laugh and look at each other. 

On April 19th. 
He asked me to stay after school to help him out with Freshmen Orientation. I was rather shocked that he asked me. I'm barely a Sophmore (10th grade) and I'm doing this job for him? This was amazing to do. Right there I felt happy because he asked me to do something that the President of the class will usually do. I agreed and stayed after school. 

I walked towards the choir room and I saw the president of the class right there. (me and her get along VERY WELL!) and I also saw one of my enemies. She is always flirting with my teacher too! So I do it as well! I'm evil too you know. I dogged her out without her knowing. Then I saw my teacher coming towards us. 

He looked amazingly bomb! He had sunglasses on and to top it off he was wearing a suit along with a tie. I think I was going to melt! 

Me: oh oh oh *laughing* 
Mr: oh oh oh what? (he knew why I said that) 
Me: Watch out we've got a cool guy over here.
My friends laughed at my comment and he was acting like he knew he was cute. Can blame him, he is the best looking guy teacher in school. I'M SERIOUS! 
Gladly my enemy left! Phew! Ha! My friend (the president of the class) left as well. So it was me and him. Alone. 

IT WAS NOT AWKWARD AT ALL! We were laughing, singing and talking. 
Let me tell you guys the cute/interesting parts :) 

Cute Part 1:
I got out my iPod and played One Direction - "What Makes You Beautiful" 

Mr: *slowly turned around to see my iPod* 
Me: *smiling like an idiot* 
Mr: Imma give you to the count of 5 to turn that off (he didn't say this rudely by the way x ) 
Me: What are you gonna do? *oops I kinda flirted right there* 
Mr: *raises an eye brow* 5
Me: *looks unsatisfied* 
Mr: 4...
Me: *looks at him in a way that -I'm not scared of you-* 
Mr: 3... 
Me: *waiting* 
Mr: 2... *he slurred* 
Me: *looks at my nails lol* 
Mr: 1... 
Me: *looks at his eye's* 

I gripped my iPod tightly just incase he takes it off my hands like a straight up ninja haha. Then suddenly! He tried to get my iPod! Our hands were locked together fighting who will win. Obviously he won :| 

Mr: Well that was easy *laughs* 

He began to look at my iPod but he couldn't because it had a lock code. So he put it under his private area well close to it! It was in his inner thigh. 

Cute Part 2: 

I was sitting down in a chair and he was leaning in the door way. We were just talking about life. 

Me: Mr! I think my friend told me he loved me! It was weird. 
Mr: *looks at me in a flirty way* you guys like each other? 

Then someone walked in! It was this annoying guy that likes me and kept **** blocking -___- 

Cute Part 3: 

We held hands for 5seconds lol 

Cute Part 4: 

One Direction - "What Makes You Beautiful" came out in the quad then he came up to me and began to dance and sing with me! 


I Love One Direction! .x 

Cute Part 5: 

When the Orientation was over he came up to me and grabbed my shoulder and told me. 

"thanks, you can go now" 

--That was all the cute parts I think? Lol 

The next day he was being flirty and happy and lovey dovey with me. 


May 3rd. 

I tell him everything about One Direction and about.... 

I went in his office and showed him my One Direction tickets!! 

Mr: Oh Stephanie is Justin Bieber not your favorite no more? It's all about those British and irish boys.
Me: NO! I STILL LOVE HIM!!! So shut up!!! 
Mr: Why you getting mad huh? *giving me a huge smirk in his face* 
Me: Because you--
Mr: It's true though! 
Me: No! You don--
Mr: Just admit it! 
Me: Mr! Let me--
Mr: Bieber is long gone.. *shakes his head* 
Me: I love them both!! 
Mr: Sure you do.. Sure you do.. 
Me: MR!!! *slaps his face* 
Mr: *looks shocked then gives me a flirty smile* See.. Why you getting violent with me? Oh yeah... Because you won't admit you like Harry Styles more than Justin Bieber! 
Me: That's... That's NOT true!! 

He got up and began to go in front of the class. 

Mr: I have an announcement to make. *looks at me flirtatiously* 

Right then and there I knew what he was going to say. I ran up to him pulling his shirt forcefully, 

"No.. No.. No.. Please no! They're going to believe you!" 

That didn't stop him. 

Mr: It's become clear... Stephanie now loves Harry Styles from One Direction more than... Justin Bieber. 

Me: NOOOO!!! *gives a death glare at him* 
Mr: *smiles flirty at me* It's the truth.. Admit it!! 
Me: *slaps him* 

Then everyone was telling me I was a trader and stuff like that! But honestly I still love my Bieber <3 He is my idol <3 


May 4-5th 

Choir Tour is a thing Advanced and Chamber go on every year and this was my first year going to it! It was an amazing experience! And it took 2days and one night. :) Okay to make it short and sweet. I'll tell you the cute parts and weird parts okay :) 

Weird Part 1: 

I met his wife again. And she looked at me as if she knew something about me. Something like a crush on her husband. My teacher. I was just like O.o 

Cute Part 1: 

When we stopped at a restroom place. When I was done doing my business I saw him with his wife getting a snack. With my friends as well. 

Mr: *he stopped me* Hey Stephanie, your hair looks more curly than usual!? Oh.. *puts his index finger on the side of his jaw* that's right... It's 'cause Harry Styles has curly hair. You don't have the Bieber going on anymore. *laughs* 

His wife looked confused and asked why he said that. 

Me: NO NO NO! Mr! Shut up!! That is not true!!! 

Mr: Why you getting aggravated? *he laughed* 

Me: *groans and walks away* 

Weird Part 2: 

His wife kept looking at me D: 

Weird Part 3: 

We came to another stop to eat in and out. And when my teacher was waiting for his order I was waiting to order. I felt his eye's on me.. I felt it Burning through my back. I flipped my hair to check if he was looking at me and .. He was. I began to get hot and nervous.. I turned around to my friend and said a joke. That made me calm down a bit. 

Cute Part 2: 

When we were done eating, I wanted to get something out of my bag and also my friends. So, we the last ones to get in the bus. I heard him burp REALLY LOUD! I was like 

Me: whoaaa! *gives him a high five* 
Mr: Mrs. Styles.. *looks away trying not to laugh* 
Me: *gets closer to him* 
Mr: *backs up* 
Me: that's right! *i laughed* 

I was the last to get on the bus and when I did... His wife looked at me again. I was like.. I should stop... But he talks to me! I can't just ignore him. 

Weird Part 4: 

It was around 6pm and we went to a pizza place and I had so much fun with my Choir Family! We just all bond! I had so much fun I hardly ate! Lol I was laughing soo much! And I totally Mister was there with me. Well there was two long tables. He sat in the first long table and I sat in the 2nd long table. As I was laughing my as off with my friends, I took a glance at my teacher and he was looking at me. I turned back my attention to my friends and I wondered.. How long as he been staring. 

Cute part 3: 

It was midnight and me and my friends wanted water and midnight snacks. One of them was taking a shower but she asked us before she went in (oh by the way were were in a hotel! It was beautiful!!! And awesome!! Lol) My friend went for the water and me and my other friend went to look for a vending machine. 
We saw my teacher walk down the hallway looking all sleepy! 

Mr: Where you girls going? 
Friend: Uhh.. (insert friends name here) wanted a snack... 
Mr: okay.. Lights out when you guys get back. 
I didn't want him to leave so I randomly said..

Me: Ugh! Guess how long it takes me to do my hair? 

I was like wtf did I just say? Then I noticed I my friend left to look for the snack and I'm here with him alone in an empty hallway. We began to walk together talking about my hair.. Yeah I know ... My hair -____- 

Mr: So it takes you 2hrs to do your hair? 
Me: yes *i lied* but time goes by when I hear One Direction. 
Mr: *he stopped walking and looked at me shocked* 
Me: Wait... Uhh.. Ugh...
Mr: see Steph.. Just admit it.. 
Me: (then I thought what will his reaction be if I said yes?) Okay mister... Want to know ...*i got closer* 
Mr: Yes *listening to me* 
Me: I like them better than Justin Bieber.. 
Mr: (his reaction was like whatever -.-) *grabs my shoulder coming closer and closer to my face* Hey .. Stephanie.. Everyone knows and everyone goes through that cycle. It's okay. 

I swear my heart was pounding at that moment.. It looked like we were about to kiss... LITERALLY.. And to top it off he was looking at my lips..

Me: *hold out pinky* Promise you won't tell anyone? 
Mr: *holds his pinky* Promise. 

We entwined out pinkies together and we kissed the end of our own thumb and index finger. 
Then my friend came back out of no where and we had a group hug. 
I loved the hug. 

As we hugged he told us. 

"Good Night girls. I just to let you know that you don't know how much I love you." 

We both said "I love you too" and a "good night" 

Cute Part 4: 

After all the fun on Day 2 of Choir tour. We were heading back home to our city and when we were 15 minutes (oh our trip was 5hrs long!!) away from our city. We was waking people up to tell them about if they have a ride. It was 12 a.m. So people were sleeping. My friend woke me up at 11:50 pm so then I pretended that I was asleep when he came to me. 

He came to me and leaned down to see if I was awake.

"Stephanie... Hey... Steph.." he silently said. 

I opened my eye's and saw his eye's looking at me. 

Me: "mmmmmm" 
Mr: You have a ride? 
I nodded and he smiled and forgot to ask my friend if she had a ride. 


LONG STORY HUH? I have to keep you guys updated about him. Oh please don't think I'm a bad person because of his wife. I accept his marriage but I guess my teacher tell her stuff about me and prolly she doesn't like me. Other than that... What did you think? Long story? I still a wee bit confused! He is so sweet, then mean, mad, lovely and a b**ch sometimes to me. 

I dunno. But hey I'm back! Comment me your opponent of his actions. Thanks for reading. Xx

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This is probably the cutesy story I have read on here :) my fav part was definitely when he whispered the joke in your ear....god you guys seem so cute together

I almost wish that he would divorce his wife and marry you in a few years time! You guys would be the cutest couple EVER!

really long story,but i enjoyed every minute of it :) your so lucky that you have a teacher who cares about you that much and who you care about espically if he's cute lol. anyway it was a really good story i smiled during all of your cute parts and felt the awkwardness during your weird parts, i hope you guys stay close and don't end up strangers like me and my teacher did, but i don't think that will happen you guys are differnet then my teacher and from the sound of your stories i don't think he will ever hurt you he seems really protective over your feelings,btw you are totally over bieber ;)

This is so adorable! Just so many parts - the pinky promise and the wake up and the group hug. I can't tell if he likes you in return - I think he does, not to get your hopes up.

thanks :) Sorry for the many parts :O i really appreciate your comment. x