As You Wish

So Here Goes.....

If anyone is as major a fan as I am to a certain film, you would be "Spazzing" (As my mates put it!) when you read the title of my story! I will explain all about that later.

Lets start with the annievrsery of never seeing Ky or Peeta ever again. (Read my story "I'll never see them again" If you have not already!) I went to Paris with my family and a best friend. It was great. But at 3:00 P.M I was in a gallery (We had just seen the Mona Lisa for the second time!) and I was looking at a painting called "The Raft Of Medusa" It was basically the original titanic. It explained my pain perfectly. People dying. Men eating each other in the middle of an ocean waiting to be saved. Look it up now. You'd see how much I was hurting as it seemed like to explain only a fraction of my pain. I also, on that trip, put a lock on this bridge where people put locks with messages on them such as "Were engaged!" and "Was here!". That was my favourite part of the trip.

The night we got back I had a dream. I dreampt that I had gone to Paris with Bill. We were dating. 2 other instructors were with us. Lest call them Bob and Luke. Bob is a big funny guy. And Luke..... Well it's a love hate relationship. He is an awesome guy but I could kill him sometimes (In a jokey way!). We did all the things I did in the Easter. It was a really long dream and I remember all the details I will just do a really shortened version of it here:

In the dream we had rented an appartment suit. The first thing we did was climb the Effle tower. It was romantic and on the first night me and Bill went on a date at a romantic resturant. The next day we all visited this place were all these artists sold art work and do portraits/cartoons of you. Luke took a picture of me and Bill kissing and gave to an artist to draw. He paid for it. 

Then we went to the bridge with the Locks on it. We all put a lock on. When I put mine on I turned around and Bill was on 1 knee. Luke and Bob were pointing their video camaras at us. Bill had a box in his hand and said. "Will you do me the pleasure of marrying me?" I of course said yes! The ring was magnificant! It was gold and had a ruby heart and black diomands going round the ring.

Those were the highlights of that dream.

I don't do athletics anymore. I decided against it. Because when he dosen't teach me any more, it would be less painful the less time I spend with him. He might not be teaching me next year. These may be my last weeks with him. And it's breaking my heart all over again. 

I'm depressed again. It ain't about love this time. It' about life which is worse as I can't escape it. I pinch myself everytime I think of it. I stops me thinking about it as much I hope it will stop it compleatly. I can't tell you guys. I don't want you guys to kill yourself. And I don't want your blood on my hands.

I'm reading a book. It's called "Revelution" I can relate to the leading girl a lot. She is on anti-deppresant drugs. I have a feeling I should be to. You guys should read it. It is increadible. 

Mr. Romeo. I am so tempted to change his name to Mr. Sexy. I know this sounds really wrong but..... I have started to get sexule desiers for him. Is this normal? I just want him. All of him. 

It's getting hard to contain. I have to dig my nails into my palms sometimes. 

Last week in Prep he was beyond amazing. Just the way that he does everything. The way he tells kids off. The way he says "Shhh" The way I just need him......

I saw "Avengers Assemble" Last weekend. It is my new favourite film! Thor (Chris Hemsworth) is such a fittie! His child is going to be so good looking! I showed my parents the trailer and my mum said when it showed Thor "It looks like Mr. Romeo!" I loled so much!

"As You Wish" is a quoat from my favourite child hood movie. Which has recently turned into my favourite movie again. It is "The Princess Bride". Maybe you have heard/seen it maybe you haven't. It is increadible you should all watch it! 

It has every thing! Action, adventure, comedy, A real life BFG (R.I.P Abdre The Giant). But most of all it show cases true love. It's not Titanic or The Notebook. It is real. As quoat from the movie "Death cannot stop true love, all it can do is dely it for a little while." Just shows how true and perfect it is. 

Here is the trailer: 

And yes it is old. It was made in 1978 I think? But it is increadible! Ok the names are a bit weird (E.G Buttercup) But it is awesome. "The man in black" Is just so fit! But he is so ugly now damn it I didn't even recognize him! His beautiful voice now is entierly different.

Inigo Montoya is so ******* awesome! I am actually thinking of calling my sons (If I ever have any) Inigo and Westley after this film! My 2 (Along with Sherlock Holmes!) favourite characters ever written.

This is my favourite scean. The way he says all the words.... Wow. My favourite line in the film is "Drop. Your. Sword" I recomend you stop there as it loses the dramatic effect after that!

(Sorry it wouldn't let me embed it! :()

Ok I told you about that film as I had a dream concerning it. I dreampt I was working at my camping place with Bill and i was always going on about how great that film was. In that film "As you wish" is Westley's way of saying "I love to" to Buttercup when he like wasn't allowed to have feelings for her. And I always said to Bill "As you wish" every time he asked me to do something (Like Westley did to Buttercup). Then a girl came on a week course and we were always talking about the princess bride until Bill said "Ok I have to see it know since you always seem to talk about it!" The girl thought it was a good idea and I tried to talk him out of it as he would find out that I love him.
The the next Monday after we both had a weekend off, we were working together again. I asked Bill to pass me something whalst I was cooking. He picked it up and said "As you wish" I turned to him in shock. He stepped close to he so that our toes were touching and leaded his head close to mine and handed me the thing and whispered "As you wish" and he kissed me.

I loved that dream but last night I dreampt about Bill again. That time it was not a lovely.

I dreampt that we were married. And he was part of the army. He was finally sent home and I went to meet him at the train station. I was looking for him when I finally saw him and I ran to him and kissed him. He kissed me back and in between kisses I saw his face and it had cuts and druses and his hands were scared. I woke up crying. 

(BTW I kinda consider Bill as a teacher as he is an instructor which is basically a teacher at summer camps! So yeah.)

I want to finish off this insanly long story with one of my favourite pieices of music ever written. I want this played as I go down the aisle when/if I ever get married. (1:05 is the beggingin of the awesomeness!) 

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Love the princess bride!

It's a great film! Which is your favourite sceane? I think the sword fight on top off the cliffs of insanity is the best ever! Totally epic!