If You Only Knew.

Hello :)
Another day with my lovely teacher. But... I kinda felt awkward. Like.. I'm serious.
Like in my previous story I'll list my weird and cute parts. AND FUNNY PARTS!!
Some parts maybe long and some will be short. :) x
I will included my thoughts in between too.

Weird Part 1:

I came in 0Period, Happy and somewhat loud. Mister was no where to be seen, but then I found him in his office. I ignored him and went to with my friends and told them about GLEE'S episode. They did and we all fangirled over that and out of no where (BY THE WAY I HAD A PERFECT VIEW OF HIS OFFICE) I saw my teachers head creep out of no where and look at me for about a good few seconds.

Then i thoughts after he peeked out, why did he do that? Did he peek out to see me? Or because I was being annoying. I really want to..... I just want to know why he looks at me a lot. I'm just so scared to ask. I honestly am.


We were rehearsing he told us we have to stagger breath ( when you keep singing without breathing untill he signals you when to stop ) and that phrase was pretty long so we had to support are breath like BIG TIME!

Friend: But Mr!
Mr: *in a jokey way* Sorry! I don't care about your opinions!
Me: *Takes a huge gasp of shock*
Mr: *looks at me* I'm kidding! ... I'm kidding *Still looking at me*
Me: SMH!! (shaking my head) *shakes my head lol*
Mr: Yeah probably i don't care about your feelings! *slaps his hands together* OKAY! let's start singing!

WEIRD Part 2:

He kept looking at me, keeping eye contact while we sang. It was rather weird because I feel like he trying to tell me something with his eye's. But I can't seem to figure what so far this is what I caught on... -- I care about you -- << His eye's literally (not literally , literally) tell me that. That look makes me relaxed and calm in a way, knowing he's there when I need him whenever, wherever.


2Period began and I had his class once again, and we ALWAYS do theory work (Music warm ups). It was all quiet.. like DEAD SILENT! IT'S NEVER SILENT IN THERE! Soooooooooooooo.... I thought... Hmmm..

Everyone: *laughs*
Me: NOOOO!!!!
Mr: Go outside!
Me: *makes a scared face* (but he didn't sound mad :) )
Mr: Oh that made you shut-up huh *comes out of his office, smiling at me*
Me: *silently* yes... OH OH OH! MISTERRRRRRRRR I need to tell you somethIng! Come here!!
Mr: *looks at me shocked and -are you serious-* Oooh better watch it there, *sounds a bit flirty* You can't order me to do that, YOU come here.
Random guy: I know, he is the teacher, he orders you!
Mr: *agree's*
Me: *smiles* MISTERRR... COME. HERE.
Mr: *gives me a satisfied face* GO OUTSIDE!
Me: NO! You are trying to make me believe youu!
Mr: *smirks* darn! *then mocks me*
That Guy: Hey? did you see Bear 9 News? (that is a news thing we have in school)
Me: YOU'RE THE 8th PERSON TO TELL ME THAT! No I have not seen it... And I know One Direction--
That Guy: I wasn't going to say that..
Everyone: *Laughs*
Mr: *Laughs ate me*

Weird Part 2:

The guy that likes me was flirting me and trying to mess up my hair and Mister saw and told him to sit down.. I was like.. O.o

Cute Part 1:

Okay.. So my teacher LOVES making me believe stuff because he knows I BELIEVE EVERYTHING! So then I wanted to trick him. He asked us that WE HAD TO be there on Friday. 

Mr: who can't be there?
Me: *raises hand*
Mr: *looks mad* Why can't you come?
Me: I'm just kidding! *makes a fake ugly laugh* I MADE YOU BELIEVE! PAAAAAAYYY BACKKKKKKKK!!!
Mr: *smiles at me in a way that he is going to get revenge on me*


LOL! I was literally on fire today! I constantly kept getting his attention! He kept locking eye contact and just giving me that look he always does. I honestly need to no why he looks at me the most.. I'm not even kidding.. I'm his target and to tell you the truth.. I'm not even pretty..

Weird Part 2:

When class over everyone stormed out the door as I took my sweet time. Then I went over by the mirror and looked at myself of course. I turned around and he was looking at me.. I don't know if he was dozing off or .. he was just looking.. I'M SOO CONFUSED!

Cute Part 2:

I came by lunch and I had to rehearse my song with him. I was feeling weird/scared/nervous and shy at the same time. So I won't be embarrassed he made me wear a mickey mouse ears and stand in front of the mirror while standing in one leg.. yeahhh i know. That actually worked! He kept looking at me with those eye's again.. I just had to look away.. I didn't keep eye contact with him I just kept breaking away our gaze. After that, He made me lay down the risers.. I FELT SOOO WEIRD!!! I told me to relax and to not feel weird and to come down.. and that he is not doing anything to me. He made me exhale and breathe out.. I WAS JUST OH MY GOSH (in my head) ... -___-  He told me to begin singing and I did. I kept bringing my knee's up because......... I DON'T KNOW WHY? So he came over and put them down for me.. HE TOUCHED MY KNEE'S! LOL But for some odd reason they kept going up when I sang higher. So he came over again and pushed them down and he kept his hands there. I was literally dying inside.


That was it for today? What do you think about Cute Part 2? Thanks for actually reading. xx

 HERE THIS SONG.. Please, and close your eye's and think of all of the good moments you've had with your teacher. It's a beautiful piano piece i've ever heard in my life. <3

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2 Responses May 10, 2012

That piano song you put up just made me cry. I heard it before. My grandma, who died of cancer, played it sometimes and I think it played at her funeral. It is beautiful. I will slap someone if you and your teacher don't end up together!

I love your stories! It definitely seems like there is a connection between you two. :)

*blushes* Awwwww &lt;3 &amp;&amp; Do you really think so?

For sure! He wouldn't give you that much attention or stare at you the way he does, if he didn't. Plus, you two totally relate to each other in a cute way!