How Could I Be So Stupid?

It was my mates funeral yesterday and I sat next to mr D. When they bought his coffin out i just burst into tears and mr D gave me hug while he was crying and said to me 'its alright try and be strong'. He held my hand at one bit and linked his fingers into mine :') then towards the end has they took my friend out he put his arm round me and let me cry on his shoulder again.

Today at school he made sure i was alright and that and he always gave me a smile if i saw him. But today after school when i was doing basketball my mate said to me 'Mr D has a girlfriend' my heart sunk and broke in two. How could i be so stupid? Believing everything he said to me in the past, all this hugging and linking hands but turns out he has a girlfriend! I even wrote a massive story about him and I read it to him and he had a massive smile on his face and said 'any guy would be lucky to have you'. How could I be so stupid into falling in love with him.

I never wanna see or speak to him again! My heart has already been broken into millions of pieces when my friend died it cant afford to break again and go through all this pain! I hate him!
ilovemyenglishteacher ilovemyenglishteacher
18-21, F
May 11, 2012