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It has been a bad few month's for me. I think the grieving has overcome me. Their is not a lot to report of such. Only Ollie. He has been such a T**T. He has been so arrogant, He hardly talks to me or anything. And I really need him. For this past week I have not wanted to get up or even wake up. All this week I have wanted to end my life. Be with her. My precious Mum. But the one thing that has kept me from not doing so was HIM. Ollie. I kept telling myself that when I go in today he will be different. That today he will just be his usual self. But no such luck. Today I nearly ended it all.Then I realized how selfish i was going to be. How would Grandma and Pa cope? They just lost their Daughter and then the was about to lose their Granddaughter. Then I thought about everyone else I cared about. So I said to myself. Not yet. Not today. I will go to Ollie on Tuesday and tell him how I feel. Then that's it I am just going to try and ignore him. Block him out of my life. And get on with my own. With out forever loving him. Of course he will always have a place in my heart. But if he wants to be my only love Tuesday will be his last chance. Sorry about this but it is all true and that it is short I just need to get this out.
Love Evanna... <3 xx.
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How did t go Evanna?