I went to your room after school - had to ask a question. You sprang up in your chair and smiled as I walked through the door. We talked and laughed and joked - I could always make you laugh so easily, head tilted back, eyes bright. You asked about my day- eyes intense, always piercing.
I was out of dress today. As I was talking your eyes swept slowly up and down my body.I wondered if you knew that you did that often, so often when we were together. I looked away - pretended not to notice. But I could barely get the words out, my chest tightened. I found myself doing the same, eyes wandering up and down. You were nervous - you adjusted your shirt.
I said I had to go, I couldn't help but notice you looked disappointed. Have a nice weekend. Yes you too, smiling like everything was normal. Your eyes followed me as I walked out. I could barely keep from falling - falling ever so sweetly.
UtterChaos UtterChaos
22-25, F
May 12, 2012