Hi everyone, I'm going to try and keep this short-ish. On Wednesday, I got a happy birthday wish from Mr.G (which made my day) and then on Thursday I had to do a persuasive speech for my English class. Since Mr. G's office is next to the room I have English in, on occasion he pops in to pick up the things he prints to the printer in there. To be honest, if I've memorized my speech, I don't get all that nervous, especially after I've gotten started, so I was expecting to do fine. Mr. G had popped in a time or two during other people's speeches already, but he hadn't been back in so long I'd figured he was done so when I got up to do my speech, I still felt fine. I'd gotten through my introduction and was doing great, but that's when Mr. G popped in and, rather than leave, stayed to listen. Here's the catch, my speech was about whether or not sex is taken too lightly on TV (I was arguing that it is) and I had to go into some... awkward subjects like television leading to the discovery of more explicit material. I did fine on the speech but I definitely felt the blood rushing into my cheeks when he actually stopped to listen.

That night I had a competition (teachers vs. students fundraiser; no Mr. G didn't participate) and I had to give a friend of mine my shirt in the middle of the show because she'd forgotten hers and we couldn't find the girl she'd borrowed from earlier, plus no one else would so...guess I pulled the short straw? I didn't have an undershirt on because it was hot so I just pulled it off and handed it over since we were in the theater and it was just me and two of my friends on stage left. Anyways, I was able to find a shirt to replace it for the rest of the evening and everything went perfectly. The next day, I was filling a friend of mine in (who is on the team but was unable to do the competition) on the details of the show and as I got to the end, she asked if everyone behaved themselves backstage. I shared some of the antics we got into with the teachers and then I started telling her about the drama surrounding the shirt. Just as I got to the part about having to str1p (sorry ep censors that and I want to make sure it doesn't get confused with other words) backstage and hand over my shirt...Mr. G walks by us. I clapped my hands over my mouth and my friend (this is the one who knows that I have a thing for him btw) started laughing since she saw him coming up behind us. I saw Mr. G smirk and it actually made me start laughing about the whole thing. I'm glad about one thing though - if he'd participated in that fundraiser and just happened to walk on to stage left before my friend and I had ducked down into the dressing room so I could borrow her spare shirt... I think I would have been beyond mortified. Well thank you for listening to my stories of scrambling once again. :)
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May 12, 2012