I Am Soo Confused!!!!

This past few weeks have been wierd. I think I am over my teacher... but I am not. I am not depressed anymore and I am happy and smiling. I am thinking about school and my family and this boy I like more. I barely think about Mr. M at all. But somethings still get me. I thought I wasn't in love with my teacher anymore. Thats not the case. The little things get me soo excited to see him. If I see his face, I freak out and get soo excited. The same with seeing his truck too. I dont really know why his truck so dont ask... I feel like I am over him and then that crap that I do makes me confused. I really dont know what to do. Why am I freaking out about someone I dont want to love anymore? I feel like I am being forced to love him. I really like this boy my age but my teacher keeps getting in the way... :/
bec193 bec193
18-21, F
May 12, 2012