And So The Story Started...

After that hugging incident (which I wrote in my previous story) I became feeling very awkward around Mr. B. I felt very embarrassed that I hugged him that every time I see him anywhere, I would avoid him. Well, except for our tutoring session. I couldn't avoid him there, right? lol. Why am I making such a big deal about hugging someone, you ask? After all, it is perfectly normal to hug a person , right?

Actually, I don't feel very comfortable having any sort of physical contact with male. I have been molested by an older cousin when I was still a little girl and ever since then I became like this. Being in the same room with a guy, I'm ok with it as long as we maintained a certain 'safe' distance for me though. Even with my best friend it took me a long time to become comfortable with him and he is gay. Anyway, back to the story . So, after every tutoring session I'll leave the classroom as soon as I can. Even when he tried to talk to me, I would only talk to him for a minute or so and ran away. I think he got hurt by this because one day he asked me about it. "(My name), am I doing something wrong?" he said and I didn't know what to say to him. I told him no and tried to leave but he forced me to stay. And guess what, I burst out crying and ended up telling him everything.

He told me that he felt very guilty that he made me feel uncomfortable and he kept on apologizing to me which irritated me because he didn't do anything wrong to me. I wanted to tell him that but I couldn't because I couldn't stop crying. He then said that he would stop tutoring me and get a female teacher to do it instead and I practically shouted at him telling him no and that I like him. Please note that at that time I didn't mean anything romantic by that. I like him because he actually took the time to teach me Math and hasn't called me an idiot for not being able to solve even the easiest question (yeah, that's how bad I am at Math). 

When I said that I like him, he froze and sighed. He told me not to cry anymore and waited until I stopped crying which really did took a LONG time. I still felt embarrassed when I think about that now. After that he offered to give me a ride home but I declined since my best friend was actually waiting for me (he is the best!). He seemed a bit disappointed but then he smiled and said ok. Before he leave, he told me that if I ever need anyone to talk to, he would be there for me. I felt very touched by this and let him know that. 

So, you guess it. We became closer everyday and gradually began emailing each other. It took many, many emails and half a year for us until we traded our phone number and began texting instead. He became an important part of my life and I shared everything with him. And each day I began to fall more in love with him. He was such an understanding person, he was cheerful and he was (to me) a very gentle person. Then came senior year and all the **** that came with it.... 
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awww that was a nice story, he seems so lovely towards you. You shouldn't of felt embarrassed cause you hugged him, me and my teacher hugged last thursday and we're close but now he has a girlfriend and i never wanna see him again! Anyway i think its really sweet he cares for you x