Over Him, Finally!

Hey! Haven`t posted in a while, too lazy for that. Well, as the title says, I`m over him. It`s pointless, there is never going to be anything between us, first: he has a fiancee, second: he`s 13 years older than me and third: he`s my teacher, he would lose his job. That day, when I finally realized it, I cried, like 2 hours and telepathically (don`t know how to spell it, sorry) sent him all the swears I could think of. But then again, he`s not even worth my tears. I hated him for a week or two, I didn`t even look at him. He noticed that, he didn`t seek my attention at class, but he would look at me with eyes full of sadness. I didn`t give a ****. **** you for giving me so much pain, **** you for beeing such a coward. Today, I don`t even feel hate anymore. Now, he`s just another teacher, nothing more. Thanks to one boy ( who`s 100 times hotter, better and more available), I`m finally over him. Hurray!
heavymetalchic heavymetalchic
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1 Response May 13, 2012

I would be glad, you would add me ! <3