I Broke Down

I just broke down today my heart can not take any more pain! This morning when i got to school i went to see my history teacher to tell him i wont be in his lesson tomorrow cause i have an exam, on the way i bumped into Mr D 'moring (myname)' i just blanked him 'morning (myname)' i turned round and shouted 'fuckingg hell i heard you the first time im not fuckingg deaf!' he looked really shocked '(myname) whats wrong? you still upset over Aaron' thats it i went fuckingg mental! 'DONT EVEN BRING HIM INTO THIS!' he told me to calm down and he took me into his classroom. 'i didnt mean to upset you out there, im sorry' i just looked at him and rolled my eyes and shouted 'SORRY ISNT GONNA BRING HIM BACK IS IT?' he looked to the floor looked in my eyes and said 'no, NOTHING IS GONNA BRING HIM BACK (myname)' i burst into tears and he just hugged me and said 'im so sorry'

We kinda avoided each other for the rest of the day at break he tried to speak to me but i said 'i dont wanna speak to you ever again' he grabbed my arm and i pulled away and told him to get off me. He pulled me out of science and said 'sorry Mr C can i borrow (myname) for a few minutes please?' Mr C let me go, me and Mr D were in the staff room 'listen sir im really sorry for what i said before i was out of order' Mr D came closer and said 'its alright im sorry for upsetting you earlier'. We sat down and just started talking 'sir, i'm losing it first i lose my mate and now this guy i've liked for 3 1/2 years has a girlfriend, i dunno how much more pain my heart can take' he put his arm round me and said 'i know at the moment its gonna be hard but we just have to try and move on, as time goes by it'll get easier i promise. But for this guy you like, he's pretty stupid for getting a girlfriend when he has you. Don't bring yourself down about it, anyway i bet she's a right slag.' i burst out laughing and smiled. He smiled and said 'see theres that smile i love!' As I was about to go back to science he pulled my arm and gave me a hug and said 'things will get easier i promise, im always gonna be here for you.'
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You know, you should some tell him! I can tell he's got a thing for you ;)
I love your stories you know. :)