Never Let Me Go

    Tomorrow is my last day of high school. I am ready to leave, but, I don’t think I can handle leaving certain people. I don’t know what I will do without my teacher. If you haven’t read my other stories, all you need to know is that over the past few years we have become friends. Slowly but surely, I fell in love with him. He looks out for me, and he genuinely cares about me.

    I see him almost every day. He treats me like an equal. Once, he told me that I was one of the most interesting people he knew. In a good way, he clarified after seeing my scandalized face. He said he hoped that one day I realize that other people find me as interesting as he does.

    He means so much to me. In addition to teaching, he coaches my team. After the final game of the season. He went around and complimented each senior. He ended with me saying I was the best person to ever play my position that he had ever seen. I blushed furiously and turned away from him. When I looked up, he was still looking at me. His eyes were red and tears filled his eyes. I had never seen him so emotional before.

    When he got himself under control again, we took a picture with the seniors. We stood next to each other and he put his arm around me. I tried not to be too excited about it. I wrapped my arm around him and absentmindedly noted how thin he was.

    I will see him at graduation. I will see him a couple times due to sports. But, other than that I won’t see him again. He said he could never forget me, and that I was more than just a statistic to him. The fact of the matter is, he will never care about me as much as I care about him. Love is not something I understand. I can count the people I love on one hand. However, I know I love him. I want to be by his side everyday.

    Tomorrow is my last day. I have a picture of us together at prom. It’s a great shot. I haven’t had the guts to give it to him yet. Tomorrow, I will do it.
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I know he'll like the photo. I was close friends with one of my teachers. he was the best one I ever had. his mind had so much wisdom. he taught several classes and I signed up for each of them. and sometimes begged to redo a class even though I passed 100%. I recently graduated last year and I been missing him badly. I know this is his last year and he retires. I'll never forget him or his lessons.

Thank you :)
He did love it he kept saying how cute it was. I'm glad I gave it to him