The Perfect Guy

It started early. In middle school I had him as a teacher for 3 years. The first year he struck me as out there. Making jokes and crazy sound affects. Almost like a little kid. I didn't think anything of him. 7th grade rolled around and I started seeing him more often. Sometimes I would catch him staring at me. He started singling me out in some of the jokes he made. I'd bounce right back and manage to get a smile out of him every time. I started to realize that when I was around him my mood would change. I was always exited to talk to him. He would tell me things he didn't really tell anyone else. Even though he was much older he saw me as someone he could talk to. I started to realize that I was in love with him. I couldn't control this feeling. It's mysterious how it works, how you can all of a sudden develops this feeling for someone without your true input. Pretty soon he started catching me staring at him. In turn we started flirting a little. He would lightly touch my leg or put his arm on me. He'd get real close sometimes. I had to try my best to conceal any feelings I had for him. He is married with two kids. He seems to be happy and I can't say the same. But seeing him happy does make me happy. They say sometimes to escape from love you have to distance yourself from thAt person. Well once eighth grade year ended I didn't get a chance to see him anymore. I regret not even saying goodbye. He seemed so overwhelmed by other students I didn't dare try to interrupt. I thought that maybe I would have gotten over him by now, that maybe I would have moved on. I went to visit him yesterday and I was enveloped with all the same feelings I harbored when I was his student. I didn't realize I wasn't over him. Love is a strange thing.
EricDahlin EricDahlin
1 Response May 16, 2012

Yes, love is a strange thing isn't it? To still love someone even if you haven't seen that person in a while... *sigh*