My End Of The Year Letter. :)

Heya guys!!! Well I get out of school in about 20 days. :/// sad sad sad. I am graduating (8th) this year so I will not see him at my other school often or as much unless I see him coaching. But, I wrote this letter to give to him. Is it good (be honest!!!!) oh and some details are just between him and I so you may become confessed. Also if anyone has any suggestions of what I should do on the last day of school and/or graduation to him. Thanks guys!!

To the most amazing, wonderful, outrageous, caring, helpful, unforgettable, honest, funny, joyful, happy, reliable, wise, smart, glamorous, magnificent, elegant, thoughtful, bravest person ever, Mr._______ (yes those words describe you)
    Wow, this year went by fast. I can remember the first day of school like it was yesterday. To be honest actually I was quite scared of you at first. I mean come on you are really tall and muscular! I thought you were going to go off on me when I left my combination in my locker, haha! One day I decided to look through my History folder, from beginning until now. I have realized how my writing has improved. I was not very good at writing compared to now. You know why I am better at it? Well it's because of you! Ever since I wrote my essay on George Washington's Farewell Address and that you said it was one of the best in the grade, my thoughts have changed about education. I actually wanted to try this year, unlike last year where I didn't care as much. That's all because of you, my life has changed and not just because of that.
    Every morning I was so motivated to go to History class. To learn, to fell needed and accomplished somewhere, and the most important, to hear your hilarious jokes. As soon as I walked into your room I was so excited maybe even more than you were. If someone was going to make me laugh, it was you. I could not have ever asked for a better teacher than you. The way you told me how I was doing in class, how you helped me, taught me, joked around with me, and the conversations we have had I will never forget, ever.  You are the most honest and amazingest person I have ever met.
    I cannot describe how much my life has changed because of you. I think to myself, look at Mr. _______, a young and successful person who set his mind to something and accomplished it. That's exactly how I want to be. Every word you have ever said to me I always listened to. Even when you were lying to me. That is how much I trust you.
    I am going to miss you so much. I'm going to miss your jokes, smile, laugh, our conversations, even your eyes! I can't explain how much you have improved my life. I will never forget you, ever. I confess I need you, I will never leave you alone. I have always wanted to say many things to you, but I always felt you would become annoyed. Which you probably have. The last thing I want to say to end this is you don't know how hard it is for me to make it look, so easy. ;) Thank you for everything, Mr.______, I will never forget you, but please don't forget me. I'm going to miss you, a lot. I will hopefully see you over the summer, Captain America.
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3 Responses May 16, 2012

18? in the 8th grade? muuuhm. well I can't give you too much grief, I did the same thing at your age. Do keep in mind there is a lack of teacher to student love stories.

This is sweet <3 I know he'll be feeling fluttered after reading that letter. ;D x

I think its very nicely written. it seems u put a lot of effort. it reminded me of my English teacher Mr. S_____ . well anyways I know your teacher will love your letter. :) let me know if he returns a letter back. I got one back when I wrote Mr. S_____ one. :)