Maybe We Can Go Together...

Today I had to TA after school. I finished all the things I had to do for my teacher in the department I work in, and, since I was done way too early, she sent an email out asking if anyone needed some extra help. Luckily, Mr. G was the first to respond. When I got over to his office, he said that he'd sent his TA home early since he'd thought he had nothing else for her to do. However, he ended up having nothing for me to do so we just talked (don't think that I'm not picking up on that, I'm just trying to not read into it too much). To be completely honest though, the longer we talked the more that little feeling that he has feelings for me intensified. When I first got there, I sat down in a chair that's in a different part of the room, but then he motioned for me to sit in this chair that was right next to him and he started showing me pictures of a trip I'd asked him about. So then we started talking about traveling and I told him about the trip I'm taking to Japan this summer, but we were just so close I could barely focus. I mentioned that there are quite a few places I still want to visit and we each listed off ones that were on the top of our lists (many of them the same) and a ways in, he said something like 'maybe we can go together some day". I felt myself tense up a bit but I looked back down towards the pictures, hoping to hide my smile and the fact that I was blushing, and I felt him watching me and saw the smile on his face out of the corner of my eye. Then: "Mr.G...?" The girl's voice made us both jump and his responses seemed a little flustered after that. I still felt a little shaky so I just grabbed my bag and was about to leave but I turned back to say good-bye and was a little taken aback when he stood up and awkwardly walked me to the hall. Out in the hall, he stopped me and gave me a hug that he obviously had not thought all the way through, but it definitely caught him off-guard that I reciprocated and so we didn't stay that way for long. Even now, hours later, as I write all this out to you guys, I still get a little shaky and my heart speeds up. Thanks once again for 'listening' to my scrambling.
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3 Responses May 16, 2012

It's been a year. Is this thing developed for anywhere? I think he cares, a lot. And do you still love him?

HE gave you a hug FIRST! Whoa. There maybe something in his head and you may be in it ;) x That's adorable. <3

Wow, this is amazing! I can't believe he said maybe you could go together someday! He definitely cares about you. Are you a senior? I am not sure how old you are. If so, you could totally start something this summer.