Nearly A Year Later...

I think the last time I wrote something in this group was nearly a year ago when I last saw my teacher. When I last wrote, I had just finished my junior year of college, and he was getting ready to leave my high school with the ambition of becoming a principal. I knew that it would be unlikely for me to see him again because I would no longer be able to visit him at the school.

Now I am a college graduate who is looking for a job, and he has been interning as an assistant principal within the same school district he had been teaching in. So today while I was waiting in the reception area of the district office with hopes of finding employment, I had the extreme pleasure of running into my old teacher.

I turned around, saw his face, and promptly broke out into a HUGE smile. This was immediately followed by my exclamation of "I haven't seen you in ages!" ("ages" here meaning literally two days shy of a year). He was wonderful as always and asked me how I was, and I asked him how his family was. We weren't able to talk for very long, but I don't think either of us stopped smiling the whole time. We hugged. He told me to email him. We parted ways with me feeling a whole lot better about the world in general. He hasn't been my teacher in over four years, and it has been nearly seven years since I met him, but it seems that my feelings towards him have changed very little. If my immediate reaction to him today is anything to go by, I still love him as much as ever. Seeing him absolutely made my day.

Some things never change. :)
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Awww that is amazing, <3