He Makes Everthing Hard.

Hello :)


I was trying to get over him. But that didn't work out.

In Monday of this week on the 14th, I decided to ignore him. Because I don't know I felt like what I was doing was extremely wrong and I felt so bad for his wife and I was just. i got to stop. 
So. like I said, i was ignoring his gaze, TRYING so HARD to not look at him. We were rehearsing so, I HAD TO LOOK at him. So I brought my eye's up and he was already looking at me. I felt the chills spread all over my body. His eye's quickly left mine, knowing that I caught him looking at me. I brought my head down once more kept it down for a good amount of minutes and looked back up AND HE WAS ONCE AGAIN looking at me. He kept his eye's locked on mine, but I turned away again. Then throughout the period, I ignored him. I KNOW I'M MEAN but, I just had to do it.


i walked in and he was acting weird on me, as if nice, We joked around. He kept his eye's on me. WHEN I MEAN EYE'S ON ME.. I MEAN IT!!! He was literally looking at me, while I sang. I was just like ... You make everything so hard.. he sends me mixed signals.
Oh! this day was our pops concert, LAST CONCERT! :( SO, we had to make this our best and memorable, well Imma have him next year, but as for the senior.. I won't see them. 
We were getting ready and all that, Mister walks in the class, I was doing last minute touches on my hair. I was going to look at myself in a full length mirror, i forgot something in my bag, and ran to go get it. I turned around to see where my teacher was, and he was standing there just... looking at me again.. I mean.. hope it doesn't seem creepy because it is all not that creepy.. It's just.. I can't read his face like I used to, It's rather mysterious. He quickly looked away, and left to who knows where.
After that, we rehearsed.. Concert way amazing, Saw his wife again. I felt bad :/
Then we was giving out awards..
I was like, what the point of me being there If i'm not going to get an award.. guess I thought wrong.. I got one. There was 3 trophies for 3 people out 30 students. I got one. I was EXTREMELY shocked. I got THE MOST DEDICATED award. he said the most nicest stuff in his speech.. and longest. I was just shocked. I went up to get my award, and he was waving the award at me back and forth and went for a hug. My head was positioned on one of his shoulders and he gave me a full hug.. my whole class said "awwww" and then we let go. I wa literally happy that day.


As always, looked at me a lot. I MEAN, If you were in my position you'll know when a guy looks at you more than normal, that;s how Mister is.
In the morning, in class, he was collecting music and I was trying to speak in a British Accent and he told I couldn't. I stood up from the risers, and marched to get my water from my bag, I screamed, "I sound horrible" AND AS I WAS WALKING, I saw him following me with his head, so basically. he was following me with his eye's! Untill I looked at him, 'causing him to quickly look away. Tht was beyond weird. Ugh... I'm so confused!

I want to know why he stares at me so much.. :/ thanks for reading!
help? :) x
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I think that he likes you a lot. I just thought of something. He might find you extreamly pretty and that's why he looks at you a lot and as for him being so nice to you, he might see you as a little sister. It would explain a lot but I think he likes you more than he should. Anyway, as long as you don't DO anything to him, his wife shouldn't matter at all :)