French Teacher Story

I need you inputs!

Well, it is May the middle of May no less, and in a month I will be out of school for the summer. I have this French teacher that I am taking french with, her name will not be told. But I am very fond of her and I really like her. Not in the way you are probably thinking, I mean in a family type of way. 
Well...anyways...I want to give her at least a card at the end of the year but I don't know what to say. Well I sort of do but I want to tell her that she is very important to me and I think of her like family and I always will.
But do you guys think that is weird or do you think she will like it? 

BTW; She is a teacher that treats some of her students as if they were her kids which is what I feel. And when answering the question about if you think it might be weird, remember she is the type of teacher who will hug her students and stuff and not think its weird or be weird about it. 

I really want to put the family part in the card because what if I don't get another chance to tell her that? You know?

lovemenow1998 lovemenow1998
May 18, 2012