Just Want-

Just want to share a joke with you
(One inside joke-
One thing that
will always be
And I can
Just want to make fun of
your haircut
Point and laugh
(Bet my life
you’d throw a marker at me).
Just want to answer my friends
Oh him?
He’a a friend.
Just want to throw my head back and laugh
(With you)
Without people clucking their tongues
(How embarrassing-
Their eyes say).
Just want to sit on your desk
And share my day with you
Just want to explain to you
That the boy I’m dating
He has nothing on you.
Just want to hug you
Without people whispering
(Without my heart thumping).
Just want to ask you what you’re reading
That always makes you laugh
And point out to Mrs
could you point it out to me?).
Just want to take off your glasses and say
That’s better;
Just want to meet your wife
And have you introduce
Me as
A friend.
Just want you to talk to me
About the way you
stare off into space sometimes
Like you wish you were so far away;
Just want to ask why
when I look up at you and smile
You look away so fast
Like something scared you
Just want to ask
Do I scare you?

If you want,
I’ll answer first
You scare the hell out of me.
waiting8 waiting8
22-25, F
May 19, 2012