She willed
Her heart
To stop beating
(Not quite so loud-
She begged)
He was so close-
One brush of a fingertip
She could touch his hand
Ever so slightly
God she hoped
He couldn’t hear
The quick thump
Of a sick
She looked down
At scribbled words
With three underlines.
She could hear
His smile
Before she saw it.
“I don’t want to”
She said
A chin raised
(except it sounded
So weak-
Already worn down
From fighting
Fighting the urge
To run out of a classroom
That was so quickly closing in
On her)
He rolled his eyes
As if he’d explained this
To her a million times
As if she should already know
“You can do it.
You belong there-”
(I belong here
with you-
stupid words
that welled up
in her throat)
She tried
(atleast she tried)
He interrupted
So tired
Of bickering-
As if
they were an
Old married couple
she could
“You are a great student-
You can handle it.
You will handle it”
He laid a palm flat on the desk
(another inch closer to her
Another inch closer to her heart)
He thought
He’d won
But she had already known
She’d listen to him
She’d take the class
Just to impress him
Just to make him happy
Just to get one smile.
But she wanted to sit this
Wanted to hear him
Compliment her
Wanted to see him
In a quiet room.
She muttered
“Yeah, yeah, yeah
you're right.”
She got up tired
(time to go
so soon)
Walking out
She turned,
“By the way,
Three underlines
A little
He threw back his head
And laughed-
“I’ll miss you”
(it slipped out
Before she
Could choke
It back)
“You’ll be fine.”

She knew she’d be fine
She didn’t want to hear that)
Almost out the door
she swung around
“And will you be?”
Turned fast
Not waiting for a reply.

If only she could have seen
They way he stared
His gray eyes
So glassy
If only she could have heard
four soft words

but I'll try.”
waiting8 waiting8
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Beautifully written. :)