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It's All Over :(((

Left school at break time today, and also left him. It hasn't hit me yet, I admit it. He gave me and the other year 11s in our form a box of chocolates, and took a picture of us, when asked why he was taking a picture of us, but not the other years when they left he said because I was in his form since he started teaching, because I was in year 7 when he started teaching and it was sentimental to him. He also wrote in my yearbook, this: (I haven't done it word for word as I don't want people who I've shown it to, knowing I post if you get me!)

Don't go, Please don't leave us, What will we do without you, Who will I nag, Who will be late, Who will giggle randomly, Who will drop things, Who will I tease and play pranks on, Who will give us such a big smile any time of the day, Your the last one left!
We started in year 7 together, except I was your form tutor. Back then you used to giggle randomly and not be bothered half the time, much like now (JOKE! :D). You do still play the dizzy blonde, tall card with the boys but that will get your far so keep it up! Being the last one left from the original form, I will be sad to see you go as the whole form will be. Please don't go... People move on to new and better things but I can guarantee your form tutor won't be as good as me, which is of course amazing! Modesty aside it has been a pleasure over the past five years and I hope you achieve your full potential. Make sure you come back to see us, and me, keep us up to date with what you are doing and be good! hugs from the form, love me x

OH MY GOD THIS MADE ME CRY SO MUCH! I have no idea what the first line about year 7 is about, I think I'm reading way to much into it, also he put a kiss, I freaked out when I saw it! Haha, I gave him my card, but I got embarrassed and afraid I would cry and make a fool out of myself so I quickly left and made a joke, as I do when I feel uncomfortable! Let me know what you think please, by the way the card I gave him is in my previous story. :)
LastSacrifice LastSacrifice 16-17, F 3 Responses May 25, 2012

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Oh gosh, that made me sad too. I hope you do get to visit him again! You can tell he really enjoyed you!

Since you graduated (I think), you should find out if he does. Can you write him an email. I know it's scary, but you will always wonder if you don't.

Wow, that is really sweet. It would be awesome if you could find out how he feels. He seems to like you though, that is apparent.

I know I thought it was sweet too, I would love to but I think part of the reason we had this relationship/friendship is because I am very mature for my age, and act very adult-like and me sending him an email or something will come across as needy and childish on my part, because I know he has a girlfriend and he knows I know. :-(