Falling In Love....

So Here Goes...

No I have not fallen in love again. It is a line from a song. I dunno the title but it goes "I'm falling in love with you..." It is in the trailer of the film "Like Crazy" If you know who it is by please tell me! Thanks.

I guess I should start where I left off. Last week on Monday he came to school WITH NO BEARD! He had shaved it! And he looked 19! He was amazing as always! But I swear his beard was growing in the lesson. His beard is now fully back!

Fast forward to the next day (Tuesday) I was having a singing lesson and I was sining "Spark Fly" By Taylor Swift. When I left the music block I heard a man singing "Get me with those green eyes baby as the light's go down" It was Mr. Romeo he was looking at me and walking towards me! "Give me something that'll haunt me when your not around. Cause I see Sparks Fly whenever you smile." By then he was standing right by me. He was smiling down at me and he asked "Was that you singing that?" I said "Yeah!" and He said "You get better every time I here you! I might just have to start calling you nightingale! You better not get any better at singing or I think I might just have to cry!" We laughed and I said "Thanks!" And he asked "Are you coming to Prep this week? We missed ya last week!" I said "No." And he acted grumpy and asked "Why ever not, young one?" He joked and I said "Cause my sister is having her A levels so she never has to come to school unless she has exams and then she can go staraight home after!" and he said "Tell your sister to get back to school then!" And I smiled and asked "Why?" and he said "Well I need 1 sivilised person in that room! All those screaming kids! I need you as a good example!" We laughed and we went our separate ways.

Then on Tuesday it was finally a hot day! In Geography we were all talking about how it's going to be extramly hot all week! Mr. Romeo then decided to look up the weather forecast of the week! We are going to have 30 Degrees Celcius! Everyone was high fiveing. Then Mr. Romeo asked us to put up our hands if we were thinking about doing Geography as a GCSE. My hand shot straight up. He said "Miss. Enthusiastic today I see!" To me! :) I had been putting my hand up for every question that day! We then all started talking about how everyone hates History. He said that he never liked it he started chatting to my arch enemy in school (Dramatic I know!) who he usually hates. He is always getting angry at her. But they were starting to get along. I was pretty jeliouse. I actually rather like a bit of History. Only the Greek and Romans. And the world war's. I am also starting to get obsessed with Norse Mythology. (Blame Thor the movie. And Chris H. and especially Tom H. for making such a loveable Loki!) 

Today me and my friends were going to finish the extra work we had been given in class and I left the Libery to get my bag. I bumped into Mr. Romeo and we did that awkward thing where you both try to go in the same direction but bump into each other again and then do it again when you try to go the other way. We did that a few times and we were both giggling. Until he graded my hand span me around until we were out of each others way!!!! That was when I suddenly has Falling in love playing in my head! He winked at me then 2! I held his hand!!!!! I was expecting for his hands to be smooth and soft. But they are actually rough. I actually prefer it that way. :)

Oh yeah he came to school with shorter hair today! He still has his cool curles but it was just shortened at the back. Aghh! As if he could get any handsomer! 

Me and 2 of my great mates where sitting at the back of the field. We were describing the type of guy that we wanna marry one day. I said that I wanted to marry a tall blond guy with blue eyes. One of my friends agreed with that. But they both want to marry a rich, posh, political interested man. They want him to buy them a big house in Mimai and take them on lesure holidays. I wanted a man who craved adventure. Who loves camping and climbing mountains. A man who loves travel and is outdoorsy. I want a guy who can play an instrument and maybe even sing. I want a family man. A loyal, funny, clever man. After I described him. I realised I was describing Bill with all the outdoory stuff. 

I dreampt about him again the other night. Again. I dreampt that we were dating. We were walking down this long beautiful street, arm in arm. He had cruly hair again and he was wearing a coat like the one Benedict Cumberbatch wears in Sherlock. He were arm in arm and I Suddenly reached my head up and kissed him on his cheek, near his ear. That was the closest that I have ever come to perfection. Just the way that my arms felt linked in his. The way my head just fitted in when I kissed his cheek. I wish it was real. 

Mr. Romeo is extreamly passionet. Have I told you that yet? He has this big, overwhelming passion for sports and Geography. It makes me have undying respect for him. And you know what they say. Passionet men make the best lovers.

I have been feeling so depressed recently. And it had been starting to show in school. I was sitting an a wall in the school with my head in my hands trying not to cry, but a few tears were escaping. When I saw from the corner of my eye the guy who likes me but Jeliousy likes was walking with his friends when I saw him stop a few meters from me. His friends continued walking when one turned around and said "Dude, anything wrong?" and I heard him say to his friend quietly "No. Nohing's wrong. It's just.... _______." That moment made me feel like a *****. He is going out of his way these days to try to make me like him. I had told to gossips in my class (Who I am not friends with at all) That he is my least favourite person in the class. They went and told him. I was doing that to try to stop him liking me. To get him to move on, go after Jeliousy who deserves him better then I do. I feel like a ***** because he still cares about me after all this **** that I put him throw. No guy cares about me... But him. What the heck should I do?

Well the last 2 days have been fine and people actually believe that I am a fine, ordenery, happy person again. All because of last Wednesday. The best day of my life.

Well my dad was working with my favourite band (I can't tell you who as I have been posting on their facebook page how amazing it was and any one could find me if I said which band it was! :P) So I told him to get me autographs. Well. Me, My mumma, my sister and her friend where all about to go out to dinner, because they had just finished their A levels so we were going out to celebrate, when my mum got a phone call. She passed it to me and said its for you. I put the phone to my ear and said "Hello?" assuming it was my dad telling me how awesome it was working with that band when I heard a beautiful voice with a beatuful accent say "Hi _______. How are you?" It was the LEAD SINGER OF MY FAVOURITE BAND! I SCREAMED "OH MY GO I AM SOOOOO GOOD!" He laughed and we talked for like 5 minutes apparently. To me it felt like 10 seconds. He asked me which is my favourite song by them and he said "Yeah a lot of girls like that one. They like to hear a man in tourture!" He was so funny. We talked about my up coming exams and He asked me which I was least looking forward to I told him Physics and he said "Yeah believe it or not, I wasn't all that good at Physics either. But I'm sure you'll do fine!" They were the best five minutes of my life. Cause I actually forgot about Posiden, and all the things Mr. Romeo has done and Bill, for the first time in 6 years. 

My dad only came back at 2 in the morning. He actually went to the pub for dinner with them! Apparently they are the nicest guys ever. They brought in red wine for the violinist's (Which my dad was leading) and 2 giant box's for the violinst's aswell! My dad said that he had said to the lead singer "Hi. Both my daughters think you guys are great, but my younger one is really in love with you guys and your music so I was wondering if I could get your guy's autograph?" and apparently the lead singer said "How about I giver her a call?" I know my dad ain't lying! He would be to embarresed to ask! He usally never even ask for autographs from the people he get to work with cause it is too embarrasing. I am still on a happy high. I had no sleep that night. I never wanted that day to end.

My dad said that the producer was always telling what the sting's should do and my dad always in his mind disagreed but the lead singer always said the same thing that my dad was thinking! He has a real ear for music. I can relate to their songs so much. And he wrote all of them. I think I found my new celebrity crush. 

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2 Responses May 25, 2012

It seems like Mr. Romeo is beginning to find you attractive ;) x <br />
Hmmmmmmmmmmmmm, which band could it be/? ;)

I doubt Mr. Romeo thinks I'm attractive. I think ****'s are more his type! Yep I am still holding a grudge about him going to see strippers!

You never know he wants someone sweet and YOUNG ;) x

Oh my oh my.... I know EXACTLY who you are talking about.... at least I have a pretty good idea of who this "celebrity crush" of yours is. :-P just a question, are his initials R.N.? If so, oh my God, we have so much in common!! IF, we're talking about the same person, then his best friend, initials Y.P., is my guitar teacher!!! We chat over webcam all the time! :D Message me if u wanna talk about them! It's good to find someone with similar interests. :-)

Nope. His initials are not R.N. Sorry. But I will give you a clue.... He is 6"3! And he is absolulty gorgeous! And his band has an album coming out soon!

Hmm, Are his initials B.K.?

Nope. :)